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Wed, February 21, 2024 | 07:44
[Stock picks] Buy POSCO, Sell LG Chem
POSCO, South Korea’s biggest steel company, will increase its market share after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake damaged operations at industry rivals such as Nippon Steel Corporation, Japan’s top steel maker, says Tong Yang Securities.
BRICs market unscarred by Japan tsunami
Indian stocks have been resilient during the Japan earthquake and amid higher oil prices, as the economy is reasonably insulated from the knock-on effects of the quake. Japan is not a significant trading partner with India and overall trade is around $10 billion vis-a-vis China, where trade with Japan stands at above $40 billion.
Tsunami tests stock market resilience
It may feel amazing to some and cruel to others that the KOSPI stock index is back to where it was a week ago
MBA life: Seoul National University
The GMBA is the flagship program of SNU Graduate School of Business.
Case study: Crisis management on SARS
Honesty was best approach when flu epidemic hit a global supermarket chain in China
Beginners guide to Seoul office lease
Do you know what CBD, GBD and YBD stand for?
Stock picks: March 14-March 18
Monthly audiences increased for the first time in six months at CJ CGV, the largest multiplex theater chain in Korea. Both domestic and imported films sold more tickets than the same month of last year, says Eugene Investment & Securities. The short-term outlook is bright as there are many Hollywood blockbuster films such as “Rango” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” ready to be released in the second quarter.
National pension fund to turn back on sin sector
BAT, Philip Morris, Gangwon Land may be on NPS divorce list
First US Chief of NPS demands high ethics
Oh Young-soo says that conscience pushed her to join the National Pension Service
High inflation proved our strategy was right
Pension fund chief sees resources, real estate as good hedge on soaring prices
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