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Tue, June 6, 2023 | 18:10
MBA life: Seoul National University GMBA
Yang Eun-young, 27, second from the left, is in her fourth term in the one-year Global MBA program (GMBA) of Seoul National University’s graduate school of business. A Korean-American, she is also a member of a free consulting service team called PiNNO, comprising of seven GMBA students.
Mapping economic power of middleweight cities
Urbanization is the most significant driver of global economic growth. Today, the world is urbanizing rapidly with more than 50 percent of the world now living in towns and cities. But unearthing tangible business opportunities in those markets will not be straightforward for Korean or western corporations.
Stock picks: Buy Youngone, Sell NCsoft
The share price of Korean trading company Youngone is going to move up further as its subsidiaries are making larger profits, says Korea Investment & Securities.
CEO Chins bitter medicine
Chin Young-wook, CEO of the Korea Investment Corp. (KIC), is among Korea’s leading financial experts in both practical and theoretical terms.
Korea-France investment imbalance unacceptable
“It’s a pity for me that at present we only have 30 Korean companies in France. You have 200 French companies in Korea."
Real estate: shops more promising than office in Seoul
Seoul’s real estate demand for Western-style shopping malls and hotels for businessmen and tourists will see a big increase in the coming years, says the Asia Pacific head of Cushman & Wakefield
HKUST MBA, Hong Kong
Guillaume Tryhoen, third from the left, started to attend Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s full-time MBA (HKUST FT MBA) in August 2010. Before, the 35-year-old from France was a senior lawyer at a business law firm in Luxembourg. HKUST MBA was recently ranked sixth in the Global MBA rankings 2011 of the Financial Times, the highest among MBAs in Asia.
Setting up joint venture in China requires realistic approach
Joint ventures (JV) in China are often reputed as organizations difficult to manage. From time to time some stories hit the international press of a Chinese starting a business in parallel after learning all the secrets of his foreign partner. We cannot deny that those situations happen, but we must also admit that is not an exclusive problem of JVs in China. As most know, JV...
Shiseidos 3-year plan
President Shinzo Maedo, who officially took over the helm at Shiseido in June 2005, was on a mission to completely change Shiseido, the No. 1 cosmetic company in Japan, to regain the lost credibility that resulted from previous unsuccessful reforms.
Korean firms urged to reform pension plan
We are now past the fifth anniversary since Korea adopted a funded pension system along the lines of that of advanced countries. Korean corporate pension assets more than doubled in 2010 to 29 trillion won, with inflows of 15 trillion won during the year ― that’s more money flowing into pension schemes in 2010 alone compared to the 14 trillion won that had accumulated since 2...
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