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Sat, January 28, 2023 | 12:37
Stock picks: Buy E-Mart, Sell Kangwon Land
Daeyang Electric shares were floated on the Kosdaq market on Friday. The starting price was 11,200 won, which was 24 percent higher than the firm’s IPO (initial public offering) price of 9,000 won. But the price continued to fall throughout the day and closed at 9,550 won.
Social media can pull the right lever on workers
If you are a line manager of a company and find your employees have uploaded resumes on Linkedin, or complained about your bossiness on Facebook, would you feel happy? Not likely.
EMBA helps leap from expert to leader
Are good managers born or made? Management skills are not necessarily learned in classrooms as witnessed in many great entrepreneurs and CEOs without college degrees. But expensive executive education programs can bring valuable lessons to even highly experienced corporate managers. Janice Lee believes Korean firms should have more executives with MBA or EMBA degrees from goo...
Japans restoration efforts and implications
If the British economist David Ricardo were alive today, he would have been the first to voice strong concern about the potential slowdown in global manufacturing stemming from Japan’s devastating earthquake. At present, global manufacturing relies on the division of labor based on comparative advantage, and Asian economies — particularly Japan — are the key parti...
FTA to boost auto parts makers
Shares of small auto parts firms will be the first to reap the benefits of the Korea-EU free trade pact, analysts think.
Green growth is second industrial revolution
If you are a high-profile politician and you want to brand yourself as a green campaigner, you have two role models to choose from. First is the Al Gore way — make a documentary film on climate change, win an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize, and continue to live in a mansion that uses 20 times as much electricity as the average U.S. household.
Regulation tightening squeezes ELW sellers
An upcoming series of regulatory changes is likely to squeeze profit margins and possibly kill the fast-growing market for speculative stock derivatives, called equity-linked warrants (ELWs).
MBA life: Hitotsubashi ICS
How would you describe Hitotsubashi?
Hedge fund sees role of politics in new energy
Contrary to the common perception, investors in new energy sectors should shun wind and solar power firms, said a manager at New York-based hedge fund AllianceBernstein.
Interview: KAIST Techno-MBA
Kim Min-hoo, far right on the first row, 29, started his MBA program at KAIST Business School in February 2010 and aims to
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