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Sat, January 28, 2023 | 13:04
MBA Life: Chinese University of Hong Kong
CUMBA tries to mix Eastern and Western values into curriculum
National pension fund to turn back on sin sector
BAT, Philip Morris, Gangwon Land may be on NPS divorce list The chief of the National Pension Service (NPS) said that the world's..
Tackling a challenge with creativity
Founded in 1998, CGV was the first multiplex cinema chain in Korea and remained as a market leader until 2006. As the name suggests, it started as a joint venture of CJ Corporation (Korea), Golden Harvest (Hong Kong) and Village Roadshow (Australia). Although the multiplex industry attracted numerous rivals in the early days, most of them disappeared by 2006 and only three ...
Price controls are the least of oil firms worries
Pressure mounts on government to break up cartel of nation's big four refineries
Stock picks: March 7 - March 11
Arab’s political unrest will eventually subside and the rising oil price will help Korean construction firms operating in the region such as GS Engineering & Construction, says Hanwha securities.
Future of Asian Tiger economies lies in reviving entrepreneurship
Not all children of Asia's large business families have the acumen or incentives of their parents. Very few family businesses survive to the third generation.
MBA Life: Hitotsubashi, Tokyo
Cho Hyun-jung is in the second year of her two-year MBA program at Hitotsubashi, a prestigious business and management school in Japan. Currently she is doing an internship at Macquarie's securities arm in Tokyo.
Korea chides France for being myopic on G20 agenda
Key members of South Korea’s 2010 G20 team have criticized France’s leadership in the global forum this year, saying the country is trying to expand the agenda too much for its own benefit.
Will gross well-being product resonate soon?
It is hard to believe that there is a government that discourages its citizens from going to college, but Korea is such a country. A year ago, Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun said Korea needs fewer universities for the sake of its economy. His faith remains firm in the New Year.
2011: year of economic challenges
The year 2011 will be a watershed for the Korean economy, as it has to stand on its own without any external support, with the effect of the government’s stimulus waning and the developing world recovery set to stay muted next year.
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