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Thu, December 8, 2022 | 19:07
First for-profit foreign hospital allowed on Jeju
The Ministry of Health and Welfare said Friday that it has approved a plan from a Chinese company to establish a for-profit hospital on Jeju Island. This could lead to the establishment of the first foreign-investor-owned hospital in Korea if Jeju Special Self-Governing Province agrees with the decision.
Award winners shine with courage, hope for future
It was the coldest day of this winter with the mercury plunging to minus 7.4 degrees Celsius in Seoul. On the contrary to the freezing cold outside, some 100 participants, including award winners, their families and dignitaries, heated up the ceremony for the 4th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards at the Korea Press Center in downtown Seoul, Thursday. Most of winners traveled a...
Judge's comment: Multicultural youth is hope for future
By Kim Joon-sik It was so much worthwhile again this year for me to judge the applicants for the 4th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards organized by The Korea Times, because many of the contenders were growing healthily and wonderfully. According to statistics on foreign residents released by the Ministry of the Interior in 2015, the number of children with multicultural backgrounds stands at 207,693 as of June. This figure represents 2 percent of 9.5 million children aged 18 or below in Korea. The growth rate in the number of multiracial children is higher than that of non-multiracial ones....
Male victims of sexual offenses surge
The number of male victims of sexual offenses soared by 42.3 percent in 2014 from three years previously, a report showed Thursday.
Visa rules for Chinese tourists to be eased
By Chung The government said Wednesday it will ease its visa policy for Chinese tourists to encourage their visits and boost their consumption here. Under the plan, the government will extend visa fee exemptions for Chinese visitors until the end of next year. The visa fee waiver was adopted in July as part of the government’s efforts to boost the tourism industry seriously hit by the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak. It was the first time that Korea has waived visa fees for a certain country for the sole purpose of spurring tourism. Chinese...
Ice rink to open at Seoul Plaza on Thursday
An ice skating rink, which is one of the city’s most enchanting winter attractions installed annually at Seoul Plaza, will open Thursday.
CJ chairman's prison term confirmed
The Seoul High Court sentenced CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-hyun to two years and six months in prison and a fine of 25.2 billion won ($21.3 million) after reviewing his convictions for embezzlement, tax evasion and breach of trust. The decision was made at a review three months after the Supreme Court sent the case back to the high court in September, citing an improper applica...
Ex-lawmaker detained for allegedly receiving illegal political funds
Prosecutors are questioning former lawmaker Shim Hag-bong for allegedly receiving illegal political funds.
Ssangyong tentatively agrees to rehire dismissed workers
A six-year-long dispute over massive layoffs made by Ssangyong Motor in 2009 appears to be close to reaching a settlement after labor unions and the company temporarily agreed to a reinstatement of the dismissed workers and resolved other issues.
Communications breakdown causes flight delays on Jeju
A communications breakdown caused major flight delays at Jeju International Airport for more than one hour, Saturday.
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