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Sun, September 24, 2023 | 14:12
2 illegal Chinese travelers caught in Cheonan
Two Chinese transfer passengers enter into the country after slipping through security inspection points at Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul.
Pilot unions at odds with other employees
The pilots’ unions of Korean Air are in a dispute with another union that represents other employees of the company over a demand made by the carrier’s pilots for a large pay hike.
Lax legal system blamed for child abuse
Recent horrendous child-abuse cases reveal how Korea has been, and continues to be, ill-prepared to protect children from domestic violence.
Old railway turns into tourist attraction
In the past, a train climbed a steep mountain by running on a switchback or zigzag railway that was set up between the low and high points. In recent years, however, a train can more easily ascend a mountain owing to new tunnel constructions.
Korea boosts winter tourism through filming locations
Some think that winter is not the best season to travel or take a vacation. Korea, however, is becoming a popular winter destination among Southeast Asian tourists owing to its seasonal festivals, as well as picturesque snow-capped mountains, which they don’t have in their countries.
Kindergartens likely to raise tuition
Private kindergartens are expected to raise fees if the central government and regional education offices continue to refuse financing the free preschool program called the Nuri Curriculum.
Child abuse is society's dirty secret
The death of a seven-year-old boy allegedly caused by his father’s violence has once again shocked the nation, following the discovery last month that an 11-year-old girl in Incheon was starved and abused by her father for more than three years.
Hyosung chief sentenced to 3 years
A district court has sentenced Hyosung Group Chairman Cho Suck-rai to three years in prison and fined him 136.5 billion won for tax evasion.
Husband gets 12 years' jail for killing wife
A district court has jailed a man for 12 years for killing his wife and putting her body in a drum, which he dumped in a nearby reservoir.
JDC may face W5.1 tril. suit over halted resort plan
The Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC) may face a huge compensation suit by Berjaya Jeju Resort (BJR), a joint venture for the development of a resort complex which has been suspended.
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