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Thu, December 8, 2022 | 17:47
Chinese tourists returning to Korea
More than 157,000 Chinese tourists are expected to rush to Korea during the Lunar New Year, known there as Spring Festival, a week-long holiday from Feb. 7 to 13.
Arirang TV CEO steps down over business trip expenses
Arirang TV CEO Bang Suk-ho stepped down from his post Tuesday amid allegations that he misused corporate credit cards during business trips to the United States.
New Incheon airport CEO calls for reform
Chung Il-young, new CEO of the Incheon International Airport Corp. declared Tuesday that the airport was in a state of emergency situation following a series of security breaches.
Zika virus sparks fears in Korea
The fear of the Zika virus, which is linked to the birth defect microcephaly, is growing in Korea. Although no case has been reported here, the health authorities raised the alarm for travelers, particularly pregnant women, who plan to visit the virus-affected countries, especially the Americas.
'No participation, no change'
Every Wednesday, Hong Seung-hee, 26, known as an activist of "Hyonyeo Yeonhap" or Good Daughters' Federation (GDF), has been attending the weekly rally in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul after Korea and Japan reached an agreement on wartime sexual slavery on Dec. 28.
Citizens join hands to create private fund for ex-sex slaves
More than 1,000 citizens have donated 100 million won ($82,700) to establish a foundation supporting Korea’s wartime sexual slavery survivors.
Incheon Airport under fire over security hole
Incheon International Airport has been under criticism for its loose security with the recent illegal entry into the country of two Chinese travelers.
Korea to toughen driver's license rules
It will be harder to get a driver’s license in Korea starting in the second half of the year.
Budget carriers slammed for poor response at Jeju
Low-cost carriers (LCC) are under fire for their poor handling of passengers stranded at Jeju International Airport when flights were cancelled because of heavy snowfall and strong winds.
Former sex slave victims demand Abe's apology
Two former Korean victims of sexual slavery before and during World War II called for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to apologize to the wartime victims during their visit to Japan, Tuesday.
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