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Wed, December 6, 2023 | 09:16
Top court finds river project legitimate
The Supreme Court has ruled that the Lee Myung-bak administration’s Four Major Rivers Restoration Project was legitimate, wrapping up a legal dispute six years after it was first filed in 2009.
Questions rise over Yasukuni blast suspect
Questions remain over the unexplained behavior of a Korean man under arrest in Japan for an alleged bombing at a public restroom at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo last month.
Korean arrested in Japan on suspicions of Yasukuni bombing
A Korean man was arrested on suspicions of causing an explosion in a public restroom at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine, Japanese media reported Wednesday. Several Japanese news outlets said that the Metropolitan Police Department (MDP) detained the 27-year-old Korean man, surnamed Jeon, on charges of trespassing on shrine premises, allegedly linking him to the bombing there on Nov. ...
Gov't seeks to break public servants' 'iron rice bowl'
Civil servants have long been thought of as living with an “iron rice bowl,” which means they enjoy job security and stable income.
Hepatitis C patients seek class action against clinic
Patients who were infected with hepatitis C at Dana Hyeondae Clinic in Seoul plan to file a class action suit against the hospital due to the high treatment costs they will be forced to endure.
Row over bar exam intensifies
The government’s flip-flop on its decision to delay the abolishment of the state-administered bar exam until 2021 is intensifying a row between law school students and those who want the exam to be retained.
Gov't to tighten medical license system
The government said Friday that it will tighten the current medical licensing system following the infection of a large number of patients with hepatitis C at a Seoul hospital.
Eased rules on hotels raises concern
Starting next year, hotels can be built 75 meters from schools instead of 200 meters as the rule now stands.
Dana Clinic under probe for medical misconduct
Police are investigating Dana Hyeondae Clinic over a massive hepatitis C infection caused through syringe recycling, as well as other allegations of medical misconduct.
Jeju aims to be carbon-free island
Electric vehicles (EVs) are gradually gaining popularity worldwide as a growing number of people start to realize the importance of green transportation to the environment.
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