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Fri, September 29, 2023 | 04:02
Foreign investment in Korea plunges
Foreign direct investment in Korea sharply fell in the first three quarters of this year, as many foreigners failed to turn their investment promises into action amid the global economic slowdown, government officials said.
Korean banks thrive despite low interest rate trend
Commercial banks in most countries are struggling to reverse plunging earnings amid the global trend of ultra-low interest rates. Korean banks are exceptions.
US experts on N. Korea call for direct dialogue, reciprocity
As North Korea speeds up its nuclear weapons development program, some U.S. experts have called for direct dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang, stressing sanctions without negotiations will not work.
'Anti-graft law to dampen domestic demand until year-end'
After the much-heralded anticorruption law went into effect Friday, concerns about adverse effects on already sluggish private consumption have become a reality for many businesses.
Wrong policies blamed for failing to raise birthrate
Successive governments have spent about 80 trillion won ($72 billion) tackling Korea’s notoriously low birthrate over the past decade or so. Yet the nation’s total fertility rate - the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime - barely rose, from 1.08 in 2005 to 1.24 last year.
One in three foreign investors based in tax havens
About 30 percent of foreign companies and individuals investing in Korean capital markets are registered in tax shelters, with stock and bond holdings worth more than 160 trillion won ($144 billion), a lawmaker says.
Cash borrowed for real estate hits record high
Businesses and self-employed people borrowed more than 160 trillion won ($144 billion) from financial companies in the first half of this year, hitting a record-high level, the Bank of Korea said Monday.
Drug developers caught in low success rate
Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Korea’s front-runner in developing drugs, is facing a double whammy _ medical and financial, and technical and moral problems.
More single households boost solo consumers
Chaeseondang, a shabu-shabu (hot pot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water) restaurant at Lotte Department Store, at Seoul Station, was crowded with “honbap” (eat-alone) guests during a recent lunchtime.
Korea's corporate governance low among emerging nations
Korea’s corporate governance and investor protection are not at high levels among major emerging economies, particularly lagging behind those of Malaysia in all aspects, according a report by the International Monetary Fund.
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