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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 15:16
Debate heats up over genetically modified rice
Public opinion is divided into pros and cons over the government’s all-out efforts to develop genetically modified rice varieties when the overproduction of the staple grain has long emerged as a national problem.
Clinton or Trump, Korea's exports, jobs 'will suffer severely'
Whoever becomes the next U.S president, he or she will likely exert a lot of negative influence on Korea’s economy, a think tank believes.
'Possible US interest rate hike dilemma for Korean economy'
If the U.S. interest rate hike becomes reality, that would pose a serious dilemma for the Korean economy, an expert said Friday.
Seoul less attractive than rivals among super-rich shoppers
As a shopping paradise for super-rich visitors, Seoul lags behind many of its Asian rivals, a survey shows. The capital city of South Korea neither offers diverse attractions as a shopping destination nor does it provide popular attractions and excellent food.
'Win-win possible for young, old workers in job market'
“If the conflicts between the haves and have-nots were extreme in the 20th century, conflicts between young and old will be severe in the 21st century.”
Women to outnumber men in officialdom by year-end
Until the early 1990s, women accounted for little more than 20 percent of government employees. The share of successful female applicants at state tests to hire seventh- and ninth-level employees hovered below 30 percent and the comparable portion plunged to 10 percent as the grade rose to the fifth level.
Korea needs to activate M&A market, expert says
Korea needs to boost the “corporate control market,” where participants vie for management control of businesses by making takeover bids, an expert said Thursday.
Workshop sparks call for power market competition
“The time has long past for Korea to introduce competitive retail marketing in its power market and reduce consumer burdens from high electricity charges.”
Banks' harsh foreclosure policy forces thousands onto streets
In 2010, a small business owner surnamed Chang, 61, borrowed 530 million won ($475,700) from a bank, offering his apartment in western Seoul as security.
Retiring at 60 a mere dream, 70% of Korean workers say
Korean workers want to retire when they reach 60.3 years of age, on average. But seven out of 10 workers believe it impossible to work to the retirement age.
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