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Fri, September 22, 2023 | 13:39
Call for measures to cope with rising trade protectionism
The United States and China are increasingly resorting to various protectionist steps to curb imports from Korea, forcing government and business officials in the nation to come up with swift countermeasures.
Seoul residents fear terrorism, radioactivity within decade
Six out of 10 Seoul citizens think their city is vulnerable to various disasters, and cite air pollution, summer heat and yellow dust as three disaster types threatening them most, a survey shows.
People over 50 account for 37% of new employees
Four out of every 10 people employed last year were in their 50s or older, the Ministry of Employment and Labor said Sunday in a report.
Top 10% take 90% of financial income
The top 10 percent of wealthy people garnered more than 90 percent of interest and dividend income, indicating the concentration of wealth is more severe in unearned income than in earned income, a lawmaker said Monday.
N. Korea prone for 'strategic provocations' in December
Many North Korea watchers predicted the reclusive regime would conduct its sixth nuclear test on Oct. 10, the founding anniversary of its ruling Workers’ Party, which turned out to be wide of the mark.
Rampant forgery points to low public consciousness
Forgery in Korea has more than doubled over the past two decades, and the number of counterfeiting crimes per population of 100,000 here is about 20 times higher than in Japan, a recent research shows.
Voters less influenced by poll numbers
The completely wrong forecasts about the result of the April 13 parliamentary elections by polling agencies has caused popular criticism about the usefulness of political surveys.
Cosmetics makers advance to global markets on 'K-beauty' boom
Riding on the “hallyu” fervor and consequent “K-beauty” boom, the domestic cosmetics industry has emerged as a promising export sector. Spearheaded by the two front-runners - Amore Pacific and LG Household & Health Care - Kolmar Korea and Cosmax are surfacing as major manufacturers followed by smaller but promising firms, industry watchers say.
Korea's exports to US rise, shipments to China fall
The nation’s exports to the United States and Vietnam have increased since 2010 but its shipments to China have been on a downswing, a trade group reported Friday.
Large businesses little interested in creating jobs
Employment growth at the nation’s 100 largest businesses has remained at half the national average since the Park Geun-hye administration took office more than three years ago.
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