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Wed, September 27, 2023 | 06:43
Golf courses reeling under effects of antigraft law
Two businesses suffering the bitterest blows from the recent implementation of a strict anti-graft law, called the “Kim Young-ran Act” after its original architect, are expensive restaurants and golf courses.
Consultant calls for massive cash injection to revive HMM
In order for Hyundai Merchant Marine to regain its global competitive edge, it is essential the government and shareholders make massive investments in the shipping company.
Why nontariff trade barriers get higher in US?
Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cited increasingly higher nontariff barriers as one of the main causes of dwindling global trade.
Even childbirth is polarized by income levels
Amid the declining birthrate of Korea over the past decade, income levels of families have exerted significant influence on childbirth, a report shows.
Foreign consultants criticized for blowing hot and cold
Government and business officials here rely much on advice from foreign consultants when they decide which industries and companies to keep afloat and which to let go under.
Samsung Electronics no longer favorite firm of job seekers
Samsung Electronics, affected by unfavorable factors including the reorganization of ailing business lines, has lost top spot in the preference survey of job seekers -- the first time in a decade.
Korean refineries on track for record-high profits
The domestic oil refining industry is expected to register record-high operating profits this year, industry sources said Tuesday.
N. Korea's hunger index improves yet remains serious
North Korea’s hunger index has steadily improved over the past decade as the country’s food situation became better but its hunger level remains “very serious.”
Koreans get far more calories from alcohol than soft drinks
Koreans used to say, “The fat you get from alcohol won’t go away easily.” A foreign market research company’s recent report seems to back it up.
Korea Inc. like a rudderless ship adrift
“When was the last time you made a report about overall economic situations to the President?” Rep. Yoo Seong-min of the ruling Saenuri Party asked Deputy Prime Minister Yoo Il-ho during a parliamentary audit last Friday.
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