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Sat, September 30, 2023 | 22:56
Anti-graft law eats into dining landscape in a month
“I used to have at least three drinking dinners a week before, but attended only a few in the past month,” says a section chief in the PR department of a large company. “I arrive at home far earlier with some food in my hands and spend more time with my wife and children.”
Chronic disease strikes 30% of Koreans
Three out of 10 Koreans suffer chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, and they spent 21.3 trillion won ($18.8 billion) on medical expenses last year, statistics show.
Card firms smile, banks frown in single-household era
The rapid increase of single-person households will likely be a boon for credit card companies but a bane for banks and insurance firms, a report shows.
Tourism industry will feel pain of Chinese visitor cut
The Chinese government has reportedly decided to control the number of tourists visiting Korea, throwing related industries into an emergency.
Korea world's eighth-largest electricity user
Korea, a resource-poor country, consumes lots of energy and keeps its price low, a recent report shows.
Park's speech reveals rosy, unrealistic economic awareness
There were many things missing from President Park Geun-hye’s parliamentary address Monday besides her failure to comment on the emerging influence-peddling scandal.
Two decades of OECD membership brings light, shade
Twenty years ago Tuesday, the Korean government signed an agreement to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
Seoul bent on playing down US-N. Korea unofficial dialogue
Some U.S. foreign policy experts are increasing contacts with North Korean officials, calling for the need for dialogue with the reclusive regime and drawing attention to their possible role in the next U.S. administration.
Families cannot spend amid struggle to repay debt
“The sick man sleeps when the debtor cannot.” If one replaces the word “sleep” with “spend” in the Western old saying, that describes problems many Korean families are facing.
Lives of elderly people poles apart
“I would rather go to prison,” said a Seoul citizen surnamed Park, 74, in a chilly Tapgol Park on Sunday. “It’s getting harder to live from day to day. Many poor old people like me might be missing warm meals provided by prisons.”
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