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Thu, September 21, 2023 | 17:26
Inconvenient truths behind mushrooming convenience stores
It’s 12:40 a.m. Tuesday but there are some customers at a convenience store in Songpa-gu, southeastern Seoul -- a young man picking gimbap (seaweed rolls), a girl choosing ice cream and a couple in their 30s grabbing a bottle of soju (Korean vodka).
N. Korea media call for South's flood aid in roundabout way
A North Korean propaganda machine has indirectly urged South Korea to provide aid to help ease flood damage in its northeastern region, citing the North’s “wholehearted support” for the flood-stricken South more than a half century ago.
Slowing Chinese economy raises fears for Korean growth
A 1 percentage point fall in the growth rate of China’s domestic market would shave an estimated 0.22 of a percentage point off Korea’s gross domestic product growth, a state think tank said Thursday.
Koreans bear third largest burden for public education
The ratio of the private burden for public educational spending fell below 2 percent of Korea’s gross domestic product for the first time in two decades this year.
Kim, Lee, Park remain three most common surnames
“If you throw a stone from a hill in Seoul, chances are fifty-fifty that it would hit a Kim, Lee or Park.” So goes a Korean joke showing how common the three surnames are.
Market cap of big-10 groups rises 3% this year
The market capitalization of Korea’s 10 largest conglomerates has increased nearly 3 percent this year with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group receiving the best report card, market watchers said Saturday.
Korea's price levels 22nd highest in OECD
The overall price levels of Korea are in the middle to low range within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a little higher than Spain but slightly lower than Germany. According to Statistics Korea Saturday, the nation’s comparative price levels ranked 22nd in June among the OECD’s 35 member nations, including Latvia that is pushing to join the club of ...
More police officers commit suicide than die on duty
The number of police officers who killed themselves over the past five years is larger than those who died in the line of duty.
NK media use disaster movies to criticize Seoul
A North Korean media outlet has recently used the popularity of some disaster films in South Korea to attack the Park Geun-hye administration.
'Diesel-gate' changes market shares of imported cars
Korea’s imported car market has sharply changed over the past year, since Volkswagen’s diesel vehicle emissions fraud scandal erupted.
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