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Sun, March 26, 2023 | 08:48
Naver: online chaebol?
Naver, Korea’s near omnipresent portal accounting for over 70 percent of online searches, has announced plans to launch an open market service. The industry however, is comparing Naver to an online chaebol amid hostile social sentiment for conglomerates that are recklessly expanding.
Mobile ads gaining popularity
Sanitary and healthcare product manufacturer Yuhan-Kimberly ran an online advertisement for diaper brand Huggies on YouTube in December. It “interpreted” the cooing and gurgling of babies uploaded by parents on the video-sharing website and the ads became popular, often shared on social networking services. “Seventy-six percent of participants were satisfied with the campaign...
Big firms make record preemptive investment
A notable thing about big firms is the aggressive and preemptive manner in which they make investments during an economic recession while others are scaling back.
SK chairman thriving on hardship or is he?
Last year saw SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won fighting prosecution claims that he was involved in embezzling corporate funds.
KT plans to renovate abandoned schools
A low birthrate and migration to cities has left many rural schools abandoned. Dream Together, a social contribution program for children supported by KT and 13 other companies, is set on turning the deserted buildings into education and cultural facilities for children.
Smartphone screens to get bigger
Once upon a time a small cell phone that fit comfortably into a pocket was trendy and covetable. Manufacturers competed to make handsets smaller. Tastes seem to be reversing recently as manufacturers are releasing smartphones with bigger screens with each latest edition. High-definition video content becoming increasingly available thanks to the improvement of mobile networks...
SK chief visits Hynix China
SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won visited the Hynix plant in China, showing firm determination to support its acquisition of the world’s second largest chipmaker.
Foreign investors snapping up AhnLab shares
Foreign investors are buying up AhnLab shares despite fluctuations on political issues and the market is wondering why.
Technology serves needs of developing countries
The development of technology has greatly changed human life, turning night into day and making all kinds of things possible in the smart era.
Smartphones to be more affordable in May
Smartphones are likely to be more affordable from May as diverse sales channels are scheduled to open. Mobile carriers, manufacturers as well as retail outlets are preparing for the introduction of the new sales system.
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