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Tue, March 28, 2023 | 18:18
St. Valentine gives way to White Day
Ahn Sang-yeon, a male in his 20s who recently graduated from college, is pondering over what to give his girlfriend for White Day, which falls on Wednesday. In a reverse of the tradition in the West, March 14th is celebrated in Korea and Japan as the day on which women receive candy or gifts from their boyfriends, while men get chocolate or a present from their girlfriends th...
LG accelerates rebuilding process under Koo’s watch
LG Chairman Koo Bon-moo is often revered to as the gentleman of Korea Inc., where business leaders are often associated with graft, bribery, and hiring goons to beat up bar workers who touch their sons.
Portals launching election services
The 2012 election year is the first time since 1992 for the country to hold both National Assembly and presidential polls concurrently, separated by eight months. The most notable change since the last time this happened is the development of information technology, in particular the Internet, mobile devices and social networking services.
Hurry up, KT
KT, the country’s top communications company and the second largest mobile carrier, is losing subscribers to its competitors, due to a belated start in the fourth-generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) competition. Its executives have declared they will return 10 percent of their salaries if they fail to attain their management target this year.
Why do some hold on to non-010 prefixes?
Han Eun-ja, a rural housewife who sells crops through direct marketing, has been using the same mobile phone number, starting with a 011 prefix for over 15 years. She isn’t interested at all in the latest iPhone or Galaxy handsets but she is bothered by the news that she will have to give up her 011 prefix in a few years.
Hancom targets global market in office software
Hancom, one of the few survivors in the software industry that withstood the infiltration of MS Office, is quickening steps to increase its share in the global office software market. It cites flexibility supporting diverse operation systems as its main strength.
Digital textbooks alter academic life
Heavy backpacks full of books strain students’ shoulders and symbolize their plight. But maybe not for much longer as digital textbooks become the norm.
SK narrows home, overseas split
SK Group, the country’s third largest conglomerate, marked record-high exports in January and February. Exports are likely to account for more than 70 percent of the firm’s sales this year, thanks to the acquisition of Hynix.
Plastic dreams
In a move that threatens credit card companies, SK Telecom and KT are considering enabling small sum payments with their membership cards.
Bargain hunters beware
Kim Young-eun, a housewife living in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province, bought gasoline coupons at a social commerce service. But before she even received the coupons the website closed down.
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