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Sun, March 26, 2023 | 08:03
Carriers improve LTE data plans
Fourth-generation long-term evolution (LTE) service customers may soon benefit from the competition among the nation’s mobile carriers. They have been refraining from expanding data usage included in their price plans for LTE users because of falling profitability after introducing unlimited data schemes for 3G networks. The battle has become fierce and the remaining option i...
Once lost, smartphones never come back to owners
Kim Mi-young, an office worker, left her smartphone in a taxi. She called the phone to ask the taxi driver, or anyone who had the handset, to return it with the plan to offer compensation, but the phone was turned off.
Silent smartphone cameras infringe on privacy
Silent camera applications, which get rid of the shutter sound on smartphones, are becoming increasingly popular. These applications go against the government’s policy which requires mobile phone cameras to be accompanied by a shutter sound to prevent infringing on people’s privacy.
Samsung Electronics on orbit of its own in stock price
Ahn Tae-jun, a small stock investor, regrets having sold his Samsung Electronics stocks at the end of January for around 1.1 million won per share. Since then, Samsung shares have been on an upward curve. He feels especially rueful as the stocks he switched to have been sluggish.
Nuclear summit helps burnish SK image
The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit was held successfully with leaders around the world setting a roadmap to prevent nuclear terrorism.
Online private information poorly protected
Over the past few years the country’s major businesses suffered some serious computer hacking incidents that leaked the private information of tens of millions of people. Individuals, however, haven’t increased the protection of their private information, a survey showed.
How will Apple TV change status quo?
Apple, the innovator of the IT industry, changed the mobile market paradigm by launching the iPhone and iPad. Analysts expect it will have an impact by introducing its television.
Where does Kakao Talk go from here?
Kakao Talk, a mobile messenger application downloaded by almost all smartphone users here, is successfully expanding its business scope by making full use of its huge user base. The venture company is evidently enjoying the first-comer advantage in networking services where the number of users matters more than anything else.
Foreign cell phone users often ignored
Navid Firouzbakhsh, an Austrian manager at an IT company in Seoul, feels he isn’t treated fairly by mobile carriers. “I am used to using services in the United Kingdom, the United States and other areas of Europe.
SK refutes prosecutors’ claims on embezzlement
SK Group, the country’s third largest conglomerate, is in the critical process of shifting to a global company. Its Chairman Chey Tae-won has successfully led the process so far, winning huge deals overseas as well as acquiring the world’s second largest chipmaker Hynix.
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