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Tue, March 21, 2023 | 23:16
‘Cloud is a prerequisite for smart TV‘
After smartphones greatly changed mobile communications, the market is eyeing smart TVs as the next media to bring in major changes. Park Min-seong, a researcher at the Korea Information Society Development Institute, said in a report that there are a number of problems that should be resolved before smart TVs start to penetrate the market.
Heyday is over
There was a time when share prices of SK Telecom were a big issue in the stock market. It set record after record, reaching 2 million won, 4 million won, and surpassing 5 million won in 1999 before it divided the shares by 10 to one. Mobile carriers were regarded the golden goose of the market, and they were the most preferred workplace for college graduates.
Korea stuck in Active X
Many Internet users find Web browsers Google Chrome and Firefox more convenient than Internet Explorer (IE), but users here often stay with the latter due to the prevalence of Active X technology.
Google succumbs on privacy policy
Google succumbed to the request by telecommunications regulators here to tweak its privacy policy for Korean users to abide with local laws. The announcement by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) Thursday marked a critical moment for the U.S. Internet giant as it has been serious about avoiding country-specific rules and implementing the same conditions to customers ac...
SK Telecom sees falling market share
The market share of SK Telecom, the country’s biggest mobile carrier, is dropping. As the players in the telecommunications market have kept consistent rankings, slow but meaningful change amid a transition to new technology is taking place.
Social commerce helps smaller firms’ exports
Social commerce is paving the path for small businesses and merchants of the country to export their products.
Will Kakao Talk fall victim to carriers?
Kakao Talk, Korea’s most popular mobile messenger service, lacks a profit model. The acquisition of Tictoc by rival company SK Planet, a subsidiary of the country’s biggest mobile carrier SK Telecom, signals that wireless carriers are aiming to take on Kakao.
Ho-Am Foundation picks prize winners
Composer Chin Un-suk is among the recipients of the Ho-Am Prize this year. The Ho-Am Foundation announced that “Chin, recipient of the Prize in The Arts, has contributed to further elevating the pride and artistic status of the Korean people through outstanding musicality and energetic activation of creative music development.”
Smartphones make home smarter
A refrigerator by LG Electronics is linked to smart devices. When receipts and bar codes of groceries are scanned with a smartphone, the list of items bought is automatically sent to the refrigerator. Information such as expiration dates or recipes are sent to the handsets. “Smart Home Net” solution by Samsung Electronics connects home appliances with smartphones so that they...
Daewoo International CEO to serve second term
Daewoo International reappointed Lee Dong-hee, vice chairman and CEO, for a second term, Friday.
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