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Sat, April 1, 2023 | 07:33
Dollar inflow expected to push won higher
With the won moving closer to the psychologically significant 1,000 won per dollar, economists say it is only a matter of time before the won/dollar rate falls to below 1,000.
Three-lows in recipes Namul bibimbap
Ingredients (to serve four people) You will need one and a half handfuls of spinach, one and a half handfuls of “kongnamul,” or bean sprouts, one third of a carrot, half a squash, and four bowls of rice. Optionally, you will need two sheets of dried seaweed.
Green Cross Corp. wins vaccine order Green Cross Corp. said that it won a $17 mil. chicken pox vaccine order from the Pan American Health Organization, a subsidiary of World Health Organization. The pharmaceutical company will be supplying the vaccine to the organization until the end of next year. The vaccine was developed by Green Cross Corp. in 1993. It has been exporting it to Latin America and Asia, a single shot is effective for a lifetime. “The export of chicken pox vaccine through bidding to international organizations is increasing steeply. The order this time is more than 10 times ...
Class on spine arthritis Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital in southern Seoul is planning a class on ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis of the spine relatively common in young men in their 20s.
Fewer digital devices requiring power cables
Electricity has made life convenient like never before, but it is accompanied by a nuisance — cables. But thanks to the development of wireless mobile rechargers, industry analysts estimate that cables and sockets may disappear within a decade.
Social commerce at crossroads
The PR specialists in the country would agree that those who on the hardest time among them last year were those representing social commerce companies. The new businesses were in the news headline a number of times last year, mostly for bad headlines involving words like “cheat” and “fraud.” It seems that they have a long way to go until they gain the consumer trust, whic...
Two thirds of Internet cafes suffering deficit
Internet cafes, which were once regarded as the goose that lays a golden egg, have fallen into deficit. The expansion of smart devices that have become a computer in the palm of a person’s hand is leaving people with little reason to visit the cafes.
Mobile carriers face pressure to cut rates
Following the National Assembly elections, mobile carriers are expecting bigger pressure to cut rates.
‘Blacklist system‘ to have limited effect on sales
Currently, one has to go to stores run by network operators to buy a mobile phone. The government is planning on expanding retail channels from next month with the hope of pulling down handset prices but is doubtful whether it will work.
Mobile carriers benchmarking Apple Store
Kwon Hee-jung, a graduate student who frequents Kyobo Book Center in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul, always drops by “Olleh Square” at KT headquarters nearby after visiting the bookstore. There he surfs the Internet with an iPad 2 using Wi-Fi, tries out the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops and netbooks, on top of having a Belgium style waffle with a cup of coffee.
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