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Tue, November 30, 2021 | 06:05
Smart work leads social paradigm shift
Smart work, which enables employees to choose the place and time to work most effectively instead of sitting at a desk in the office from nine-to-six, is turning tiresome tasks into something more enjoyable by offering flexibility and freedom.
Can we trust nation’s top portal?
Can we trust Naver? This is the question facing the all-too powerful Korean top portal, which appears to be ready to participate in collusion in a blind pursuit of profits, if not in the outright abuse of its dominant power.
Software industry lacks talented people
Once an aspiring software developer, Lee Won-jae opened a billiard hall in central Seoul instead. “I’ve never considered being a software developer to be my life time job though I worked overtime every day. It’s not worthwhile,” said Lee, who quit after a 10-year-career.
E-Mart to sell MVNO phones
E-Mart started selling handsets of Free Telecom, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), from Friday.
NHN in dire need of new growth engines
NHN, the operator of the top portal Naver, is a legendary success in the country’s venture startup history. It surpassed 1 trillion won in sales in 2008, after only a decade since it started doing business; and even global Internet powerhouses Google and Yahoo succumbed to it in the local market.
One wrong turn causes Freechal downfall
Freechal, an Internet site, is being sold to Icon Cube. At its Website, the company, which went bankrupt in March this year, has notified that its service and user information will be transferred to Icon Cube on Nov. 20.
KT, Cisco working on smart cities
Korean telecommunications giant KT will partner Cisco, the global communications equipment and systems provider, to realize technologically-advanced metropolitan environments as seen in science-fiction movies.
Hyundai Group seeks to be mobile carrier
Hyundai Group, one of the country’s top 20 conglomerates, plans to enter the telecommunication business, participating in a consortium to become the country’s fourth mobile carrier. According to local media, the group will invest 180 billion won in the Internet Space Time (IST) consortium, led by the Korea Federation of Small- and Medium-sized Businesses. Hyundai will become ...
Augmented reality blooms with smart devices
The smart age has put the spotlight on augmented reality technology as a future cash cow.
Can Korean gaming industry make mobile jump?
The world of video gaming has been dominated by consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and online games in the mold of World of Warcraft during the past decade. This is not too last as the exploding popularity of smartphones, touch-screen tablets and other advanced portable devices appears to be making mobile games the new way to play.