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Wed, December 1, 2021 | 06:24
Free text services hit carriers’ bottom lines
Park Se-yeon, a lecturer at a college in Seoul, wonders why her mobile carrier is offering 250 free text message services each month. “It is included in the 54,000 won mobile rate scheme that I’ve subscribed to, but the free text message service is really useless,” she said. Can’t it give users more discounts on mobile rates instead?”
Kimchi refrigerator maintains taste of fermented food
The season for kimchi-making has arrived. In the past, people used to dig a hole in the ground to bury the crock to preserve the kimchi. Though there was no refrigerator, it remained tasty for the next year.
Steps against voice phishing tightened
When a person gets a call from abroad in the future, either a text message or voice message will notify the recipient.
IBK, Shinhan lend to private loan firms
Banks and insurance companies have lent money to private lenders that make huge profits from borrowers who are turned down by established financial firms.
Wallets slim down
Office worker Kim Haeng-seong has seen his wallet slim down. It used to be full of various membership cards, discount coupons, and credit cards, but the mobile wallet he downloaded on his smartphone lets him put all of them on his handset.
Self-employment is baby boomers’ bust
When it was reported that people in Greece were demonstrating against the government’s plan to raise the age of retirement, many here wondered why. People in developed countries mostly dream of early retirement, when they can do the things they always wanted, such as traveling and volunteering as compensation for decades of hard work. For most people here however, retirement ...
Samsung Group executive wins PR award of year
Korea Public Relations Association announced Tuesday that it has selected Rhee In-yong, executive vice president of Samsung’s communications team, as the “public relations professional of the year.”
Thai floods boost SSD sales
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is slowly restoring itself from flooding caused by torrential rain, however, computer-related industries are still suffering from the aftermath.
Youths hike real estate purchase
Kim Yoon-kyung, an office worker considering buying a studio in Seoul, is looking for a 50 square meter apartment for around 150 to 180 million won.
SKT’s LTE network due by April
SK Telecom, the country’s biggest mobile carrier, is pushing to get ahead in the fourth-generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) competition, announcing it will complete a nationwide network by April next year, eight months faster than originally planned.