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Tue, November 30, 2021 | 05:28
Business goes as usual at Gaeseong Complex
Employees of South Korean factories at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex in North Korea were concerned by the sudden death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. However, there were no unusual signs, they said.
4G mobile users hit 1 million milestone
Subscribers of the fourth-generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) mobile services have reached 1 million, only three months since LTE handsets went on sale here. Mobile carriers are jostling for leadership in the transition to the ultra-fast mobile service.
Korea to be vanguard of innovation
Developing and advancing software and material technologies will lead the industry for the next few years and Korea along with China will be the vanguard of this innovation, according to Samsung Economic Research Institute.
Cheaper mobile services not forthcoming soon
The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) rejected bids for a new mobile operator license, Friday, raising concerns about the government’s plan to cut mobile tariffs. The KCC says that it will focus on other measures such as promoting mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and improving mobile phone supply channels; but it is doubtful whether they will succeed.
Competition for video platforms heating up
Internet companies as well as mobile carriers are looking to lead in video platforms as killer content for the smart era is the moving image. They are either acquiring or setting up video companies, as the related services will explosively expand with the adoption of the fourth generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) networks along with a plethora of mobile video devices su...
Instant noodles, Galaxy S2, Jobs are year’s trendsetters
Kkokkomyeon, chicken-flavored ramen, was selected as the year’s top trendsetter. Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) announced its top 10 hit products, people and events of 2011, based on a survey of its 7,725 website subscribers and experts. Steve Jobs, the late former Apple CEO who opened up the smart era and Kakao Talk, a mobile messenger service, also made the list.
Virtualization to solve electricity shortage
Virtualization is a key trend in the information technology sector these days, but the term is unfamiliar to most people.
Social commerce sites under fire
An office worker, who wished to be identified only by her surname, Kim, loved searching social commerce sites for good deals.
Smart devices lead to paperless era
After a day of shopping, all the cash in your wallet is replaced with a pile of receipts that eventually end up in the trash. While providing proof of purchase and a record to maintain a budget, paper receipts are likely to disappear soon as they evolve into smart receipts.
Firms’ bond issuances hit record high
Conglomerates have increased bond issuances to an all-time high this year, as they try to load up on cash to prepare for the worsening fiscal crisis in Europe.