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Wed, December 1, 2021 | 05:22
Coping with Apple
Smartphones have made life convenient but were fatal for some. The handy devices serve not only as a phone but also a MP3 player, digital camera, portable multimedia player (PMP) and electronic dictionary. It consequently has cornered many industries that are now desperately seeking survival strategies.
Browser update overdue for too many
Major portals and online game sites here recently stopped supporting Internet Explorer (IE) 6. As they won’t include it when they test their services, users of the old browser may encounter errors.
Carriers pressure customers to go LTE
Mobile carriers launched long-term evolution (LTE) services, expecting the ultra-fast data transmission to be their next cash cow.
Mobile carriers remove gloves in TV ads battle
Mobile carriers are increasing advertising as part of the fourth-generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) war in a market expected to see over 10 million subscriptions this year. The commercials, however, are often criticizing and attacking rival firms.
Smartphones in color evolution
Joe Moon, an office worker in Seoul, bought a white Galaxy Note last month. It is the first white phone he has ever bought. “I thought the color would be a better fit with white screen on the Web. It also looked lighter and more technologically advanced to me.”
Chairman indicted but not detained
Prosecutors in Seoul Thursday indicted SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won without physical detention on charges of abusing corporate funds to mitigate losses in an ill-advised futures investments.
With CEO in peril, SK hits defiant note
SK Group will invest 19 trillion won this year, nearly double the investment of last year and the biggest ever for the conglomerate. Prosecution, meanwhile, decided to indict group Chairman Chey Tae-won on charges that he misappropriated corporate funds.
Is Ahn hype at irrational level?
AhnLab, the country’s leading anti-virus software company, is soaring in the stock market as its major shareholder Ahn Cheol-soo emerges as the strongest potential presidential candidate. Analysts agree that the price has reached an irrational level but isn’t likely to fall in the immediate future.
SK Telecom develops network integration solution
SK Telecom has developed a heterogeneous network integration solution. The innovative technology enables the simultaneous use of different types of networks ensuring a high-speed data service of up to 100 Mbps.
’I Am a Singer’ fuels music file sales
Singer Yim Jae-beom, who made a comeback on the popular television show “I Am a Singer,” may have noticed how the market has changed since the 1980s when he performed as lead vocalist in the rock group Sinawe. The market now reacts immediately; songs he sang on the show soared to the top of online music sites on the same day, while it sometimes took months for a song to becom...