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Wed, August 10, 2022 | 05:54
Record sales not enough to raise AhnLab value
AhnLab, the country’s leading anti-virus software company founded by one of the strongest potential presidential candidates Ahn Cheol-soo, marked record sales last year.
SKT, SNU Hospital launch joint venture
SK Telecom launched Health Connect, a joint venture with Seoul National University (SNU) Hospital, Wednesday.
Home appliances going Wi-Fi
Home appliances are increasingly being connected to the Internet. Not only mobile devices but also home appliances like refrigerators are being equipped with Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity), which enables the use of the wireless Internet.
Samsung plans to invest W47.8 trillion
Samsung Group, the country’s biggest conglomerate, is planning its biggest investment and personnel recruitment ever this year.
Social computing for business insight
Social networking services hold valuable information for businesses. HP Social Computing Lab, for instance, predicts box-office revenue for movies by using posts from Twitter and was more accurate than financial market expectations reflected in share prices of production companies.
Unemployment runs counter to mortality rate
Losing one’s job often means major problems in life — and in some cases people even commit suicide out of desperation, or so we think. A recent study, however, contradicts this assumption noting that higher unemployment does not increase the mortality rate.
LG Uplus receives most complaints among carriers
Mobile communications service consumers are most dissatisfied with LG Uplus, the country’s smallest mobile carrier, a consumer report has shown. Among smartphone manufacturers, HTC had the largest number of consumer complaints.
How do you use your smartphone?
Teenagers in the country use smartphones mostly to play games and listen to music, while adults use the device as a clock or an alarm, a report showed.
Virtual stores give real boost to e-shopping
Make a purchase with a smartphone at virtual stores, and contribute to the accelerating growth of mobile shopping. Retail outlets, open market operators as well as department stores and even bookstores are drooling at the possible profits from the new method of shopping.
SK Group announces corporate reshuffle
SK Group, the country’s third largest conglomerate, announced a corporate reshuffle for 2012, Tuesday. The reorganization, which came around 10 days later than usual due to the prosecution’s investigation of group Chairman Chey Tae-won, is aimed at accelerating the growth of its global businesses.