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Fri, March 31, 2023 | 19:13
New lease of life for old handsets
Old cell phones that were once cast off for newer models are being rediscovered and reborn to be sold for cash. It is a win-win deal for all parties concerned ― sellers, buyers and carriers ― as well as the environment.
Say goodbye to sample cosmetics
Users temporarily had problem accessing the online cosmetics shops at 11st, an open market operator, last Wednesday, as people hurriedly logged on to buy tester cosmetics in an event where they are being sold at up to a 90 percent discount, running until Feb. 3.
Stylus in vogue for smart devices
“Who wants a stylus? You have to get em and put em away and you lose em ― yuck! Nobody wants a stylus,” said the late former Apple CEO Steve Jobs while unveiling the iPhone, on the belief that fingertips will suffice to operate smart devices. The genius of the IT industry said fingers are the ultimate pointing device that people were born with.
D-Cube City becomes key Seoul landmark
D-Cube City, an integrated property development located in Sindorim, southwestern Seoul, consisting of a shopping mall, cultural facilities, a hotel, and restaurants as well as a park, has become a landmark in a district that previously had few attractive places to boast of.
Another TV battle looming
The war in the TV market between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is expected to be fiercer than ever this year.
KEPCO, Softbank propose pan-Asian grid
KEPCO and Japan’s Softbank are discussing jointly setting up an electrical grid linking Asian countries. The project would help the country cope with energy shortages on top of advancing into overseas markets.
Government declares war on online games
The government is considering strengthening restrictions on teenagers from playing online games, convinced it is a factor in recent bullying and violence in schools. The game industry is countering that they are already suffering from unprecedented multiple restrictions but both parents and teachers are calling for heavier restrictions.
’Boob tube’ becoming smart
TVs, which have long been dubbed with negative nicknames such as the boob tube, are becoming smart. Industry analysts expect that the introduction of smart TVs could change our life as greatly as that of smartphones.
Low ratings weigh on new channels
The new TV channels launched last December are suffering pitiful viewer ratings. They are being paid more than their ratings deserve but they can’t continue going against market principles, according to industry analysts.
Young people deserting conventional TV
Television has been the best option to pass time for many but it seems to be giving way to smartphones. Young people are especially deserting conventional TV to spend more time on their handsets.
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