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Tue, December 12, 2023 | 04:01
EU offers insight for SMEs
With the European Union (EU)-Korea free trade agreement (FTA) expected to be implemented next year, Korean businesses should prepare for the opportunities and challenges it will bring.
Dieters can get slimmer with Del Monte bananas
Everyone is going bananas over bananas. This summer, the hottest diet trend is the banana diet. Thanks to celebrity Seo In-young, whose dramatic weight loss was attributed to eating bananas.
Consumers like to show off generosity
Generosity is not usually seen as a status symbol. Yet has noted how the concept of generosity is gaining importance in society and business, especially among the so-called Generation G.
European SMEs eye Korean business
Small European businesses are getting much-needed help in entering the Korean market, thanks to a program funded by the European Union (EU).
Today’s consumers want more than Rolex, Vuitton, BMW
There was a time when all you needed was a Louis Vuitton bag, a Rolex watch or a BMW car to show off your wealth and success. But these days more people are getting their ``status fix'' in different ways.
BOK governor still struggling to find footing after 2 months
The nation's central bank will celebrate its 60th birthday Saturday, but it seems that the Bank of Korea (BOK) still needs more time to become truly independent from the government.
Firms use iPhone to appeal to consumers
As iPhone mania continues to sweep the country, a growing number of Korean companies are finding it important to have an iPhone presence as well by introducing free applications on Apple's App Store.
LG Display says lawsuit old story
Korean investors sued LG Display in New York last week, claiming that they have lost millions of dollars because of the company's involvement in a price-fixing scheme in the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panel market.
Hansik should go a la carte
``Hanjeongsik,'' the full course Korean meal with its dizzying array of dishes laid out on a table, is always a memorable experience for foreign diners visiting the country. But as the government pursues efforts to globalize Korean cuisine, exporting hanjeongsik might not be the right way to go.
Natural, slender, no-tan looks are hot for this summer
Kim So-ra, a 20 year-old college student, is trying different eye shadows and lipsticks at the Missha shop in Myeongdong, in preparation for the summer.