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Tue, December 12, 2023 | 04:54
Cash passport available here
As many are planning to go overseas for their summer vacation, there’s always the question of how much money to bring and how much to spend. Travelers also have to choose if they will use credit cards and bank cards, buy traveler’s checks or exchange money into dollars or other currencies while they’re overseas.
Customs turns blind eye to duty free goods
When 30-year-old Park returned from a trip to Bangkok last month, she came back with a newly bought Gucci purse dangling on her arm.
Apple bungles iPhone 4 crisis
Apple’s mishandling of its response to the iPhone 4 antenna problem could have a negative impact on consumers’ perceptions and loyalty to the brand in the future, according to an international crisis management expert.
S-OIL chief launches ping pong team
Ask Ahmed A. Subaey why he is launching an S-OIL table tennis team rather than a football team, and the answer would be that it is just another effort to bring his firm closer to Korean consumers.
Firms behind in green management
For years, Korea has trailed leading countries like Norway, Finland and Japan when it comes to green technology and innovation. But this is expected to change with the Korean government’s green growth strategy that gives Korean companies an impetus to go green.
Companies under pressure to innovate or die
In today’s highly competitive economic environment, it seems companies are increasingly under pressure to ``innovate or die.’’
Is Korea ready for medical tourism?
Korea's efforts to create the right image for its medical tourism program will be wasted if it does not first address issues such as the international accreditation of hospitals and language barriers, according to an official from Planet Hospital, the largest medical tourism company in the U.S.
Corporate support for arts waning
If you visit the Saatchi Gallery in London this week, you'll find the halls are filled with artworks by leading Korean contemporary artists Gwon Osang, Bae Chan-hyo, Shin Mee-kyoung and Kim Dong-yoo.
Group of International artists launch website
A group of international artists, who are living and working in Korea, have recently created a website to showcase their art.
Invest Korea chief gives star treatment to businesspeople
Invest Korea, the country's national investment promotion agency, will be rolling out the red carpet for prospective foreign investors, starting in August.