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Reporter : Park Yoon-bae
Fri, September 22, 2023 | 21:54
Redefining African migration
Few issues are as emotional as human migration. Images of desperate people on the move _ whether trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border or packed onto rickety boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea _ have heightened tensions and forged a narrative that migration has no upside.
Unpaid domestic chores
The value of unpaid housework was estimated to be 361 trillion won ($319 billion) in 2014. Statistics Korea said the amount was equivalent to 24 percent of the nominal gross domestic product (GDP). It was also translated into an hourly wage of 10,569 won, about double the minimum wage four years ago.
Brett Kavanaugh doesn't belong on the Supreme Court
Brett Kavanaugh was right about one thing: This confirmation process has been a circus. Now, after weeks of accusations and anger and surprises and protests and tears and bitter partisanship, the full Senate is finally expected to take up Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. We urge senators to vote against this damaged and divisive nominee.
Tougher tug of war
President Moon Jae-in's third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last month has raised hopes for a breakthrough in the stalled denuclearization talks, as well as better ties between the two Koreas.
'It's the Education Ministry, stupid'
The headline of this Friday column is “It's the Education Ministry, stupid” as you can see. This could be a sort of series about newly-emerging problems in this society following last week's “It's the statistics, stupid.” The first one was “It's the history, stupid,” three years ago.
Prospects for Northeast Asian energy community
With three inter-Korean summits this year and the possibility that North Korea may denuclearize and come out of the cold, political leaders and energy experts in Seoul and Moscow are blowing the dust off an old plan to build a natural gas pipeline from Vladivostok to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
The Senate shamed itself in its handling of Anita Hill. Can it do better with Kavanaugh's accuser?
The first inkling that perhaps the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh _ charges that went from confidential to fully named and on the record (thanks to the Washington Post's Emma Brown) over the weekend _ might yet be handled in a responsible and respectful manner came from an unlikely source speaking on an improbable venue.
Myanmar's crimes upon crimes
Journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo sought only to reveal to the world the horrors endured by Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim minority, who've been driven to exile in Bangladesh by the hundreds of thousands, if they weren't first massacred in what a United Nations investigation last month declared genocide committed by government security forces.
DMZ peace camp
High school students from Jeju Island pose at the Chilseong Observatory in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, during the sixth annual DMZ Peace and Life Camp conducted from Aug. 4 to 7. The camp was organized by Kwangdong Pharmaceutical which distributes the island's mineral water brand SamDaSoo. It selected 35 participants who visited historic relics...
Have you ever … produced propaganda?
The government's latest promotional ads are receiving a well-deserved mocking online. In a new 52-second ad, the Korea Tourism Organization gets wide-eyed members of K-pop idol group EXO (dubbed!) to ask “Have you ever…?” to an assortment of bewildered foreigners. It may have looked good on paper, but it immediately falls into self-parody, with the first question asked being ...
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