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Reporter : Oh Young-jin
Thu, February 22, 2024 | 22:42
Boeing handling Max disasters like Korea did with Sewol
The way Boeing Co. is handling the aftermath of the two recent deadly crashes of its passenger jets bear a worrisome resemblance to Korea's ham-fisted management of the April 16, 2014, sinking of the ferry Sewol, the nation's worst peacetime disaster. What can make the Boeing case worse is its alleged failure to act quickly after the first disaster so as to prevent the second.
Taiwanese envoy defiant on China, optimistic on future [VIDEO]
A little fuss occurred at the office of Daniel D. W. Tang, representative of the Taipei Mission in Korea, in downtown Seoul last week, as a flag was moved behind him before an interview. Obviously, it is uncommon for the “ambassador of Taiwan” to have a full-fledged interview with a media outlet. Tang wanted to make sure his national flag was included in photos and video for ...
Fatal arson attacker showed signs of schizophrenia
The suspect in an early morning arson and killing spree Wednesday exhibited signs of schizophrenia, claiming his fatal attack was in self-defense against "forces that threatened me," police said at a briefing later in the day. He reportedly had a history of mental illness.
Holley justice, Korean style
It's a metamorphosis put on super-stimulating methamphetamine - Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. In a matter of days, Robert Holley, a Mormon from California who became a naturalized Korean named Ha Il, turned from a goofy, jolly-good fellow, international lawyer - turned-TV-personality into a drug addict, who for years led a secret life as non-binary and even duped his trusting frien...
Holley scapegoat of 'dirty' cops, says his friend Peterson
Mark Peterson, professor emeritus at Brigham Young University in Utah, claimed Tuesday that popular TV personality Robert Holley, known by the Korean name Ha Il, who was arrested for allegedly using methamphetamine, was the victim of “dirty” Korean cops.
No red faces?: Chinese give Seoul mayor wrong portrait, take it back
If somebody believes that Guangdong Province is being groomed to rival Silicon Valley and is ready to plunk money into it, think again. The Chinese rise may not be as promising as thought.
Two 'Girl Cops' team up to fight sex crimes advance-noticed online
Two actresses, known for overcoming their supposed weaknesses, are joining forces in the new movie "Girl Cops," to be released in May. In a CGV movie house in Gangnam Friday, Ra Mi-ran and Lee Sung-jyung talked to the media about their movie that is about two women out to solve sexual crimes that notice of is uploaded 48 hours before they are committed.
Mr. President, stop acting like amateur
Take a step back and it is easier to see how political battle lines are moving.
Summit: 3rd time could be charm, if it happens
Again, it is hard to predict the future of the Korean Peninsula after the no-deal summit in Hanoi between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un late last month. So far, the two adversaries have tried to exercise restraint, being careful not to provoke each other, in an attempt not to lose their dialogue momentum.
Moon's faux pas
“Even with 10 mouths, there can be nothing to say,” an old Korean saying meaning an inexcusable mistake, may apply to a series of gaffes made during the recent presidential visit to Brunei, Malaysia and Cambodia. Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon admitted that it showed a lack of professionalism and promised to ameliorate it, while Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa apologized. The Fo...
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