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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 07:46
Egis Rebound With Game 3 Win
The KCC Eigs cut the playoff series deficit to 2-1 with an 89-78 win over the Ulsan Mobis in Jeonju, Sunday.
SK Energy Declares War on Smoking
At first they said, ``Only in the smoking room.'' Then they said, ``Outside the office building.'' Now they are allotting no space for smokers anywhere on their worksites.
All Eyes on VRICs
As the world economy shows signs of recovery, Korean firms fix their eyes on the four emerging countries of Vietnam, Russia, India and China, which are collectively dubbed as ``VRICs.''
Worth the iHype?
It remains to be seen whether the Internet will ever run out of room, but one could image the endless stream of iPad drooling stretching its limits.
Korean Web Firms Struggle to Go Mobile
Korean Internet companies like NHN and Daum ( have taken pride in being among the world's few and proud Google-beaters. However, as the Internet moves beyond desktop computers and increasingly toward mobile devices, these language-specific search engines appear to be in danger of becoming also-rans.
Women Have More Say in Banks
The finance industry is known as one of the most conservative, male-oriented industries with key posts of most financial firms dominated by men. In particular, bank boardrooms used to be men's only clubs, with few females present.
The Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) gives out tomato and garden ...
Arbor Day event: The Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) gives out tomato and garden balsams seeds to customers signing up for its deposit plans and credit cards on a first-come, first-served basis on the occasion of Arbor Day, which falls today. The event, which will last through the end of April, is designed to boost a tree-planting campaign. / Courtesy of IBK
PCA Life Insurance sells a new product dubbed, “Magic Insurance ...
Savings-type insurance: PCA Life Insurance sells a new product dubbed, “Magic Insurance,” which is a savings-type insurance product offering higher-than-market interest, beginning from April 5. People aged 15-55 can subscribe to the product and deposit between 200,000 won and 500,000 won per month until the age of 80. / Courtesy of PCA Life Insurance
Divorce Granted for Husband of Wife in Coma for Seven Years
A Seoul family court has granted a man a divorce from his wife who has been in a vegetative state for more than seven years.
Coast Guard Draws Fire for Belated Rescue
There are two big ``what ifs'' surrounding the assumed deaths of nine crewmembers of a sunken fishing boat mobilized to search for missing naval personnel from the destroyed frigate Cheonan last week. Two of the fishermen have been found dead and seven are still missing.
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