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Tue, September 26, 2023 | 14:23
Recycling and reinventing design
Design, whether referring to fashion design, graphic design or industrial design, has often been acknowledged as a form of art, pleasing to the eyes. But Dutch designers have offered a multi-dimensional perspective: design does not necessarily have to focus on the aesthetics, but the crude process of reinvention and experimentation demands just as much attention.
Music, the art of flying
Vadim Gluzman once hated the violin. He was a child who persistently tried to avoid practicing the violin and enjoyed going to the movies and playing ice hockey. He often resisted authority and got kicked out of numerous orchestras, even as a young adult. But this boy has grown into a great violinist whose love for music unravels beautifully on stage.
Korea, Oman to hold joint fashion show
An unlikely collaboration between two countries will offer a new set of lens into the traditional fashion of a place we may not be so familiar with.
Inventing new sounds with string instruments
During the day when the sun is blazing, Park Kyung-ho cultivates the land just like any other farmer. As the sun sets, Park retreats to his workshop, where he begins his real work of the day - designing and cutting wood to make string instruments.
Mozart's violin played for first time in Korea
A violin that belonged to musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been preserved inside a glass case at a museum in Mozart's hometown of Salzburg, Austria up until recently, when it was removed from its nest for the first time and brought to Korea.
Jenkins sheds light on Korean opera talents
Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Otello," based on English playwright William Shakespeare's play "Othello," will be staged at the Opera House of Seoul Arts Center from Nov. 6 to 9 in honor of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare.
Tale of rabbit reborn in 'changgeuk'
An intimate, small-scale performance of the changgeuk “Master Ahn Sook-sun, A Tale of Rabbit and Turtle” will be staged at the National Gugak Center in southern Seoul from Oct. 22 to 26.
Return of pioneering Asian pianists
Seoul Philharmonic Music Director Chung Myung-whun will hold a piano concert. The conductor has rarely performed on the piano, except to accompany chamber music recitals.
YG Entertainment's fashion venture
Black, white, red, leather, glitter and incredibly YG. The flashy street clothing and caps were on display at the NONAGON pop-up store in 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam, southern Seoul, late September. Each piece of clothing that hung on the racks was something that Big Bang or 2NE1 could be seen wearing on stage, but had the right dose of glitz so that anyone could buy the cloth...
Veteran 1990s musicians sweeping music charts
Last year, the tvN drama “Reply 1994” reignited memories, events and songs of the 90s. As the OST swept music charts across Korea, some people were wondering whether a song like Superstar K3 contestant Lim Kim's “Happy Me” was the pop singer's latest tune. But those who were old enough to recognize the song knew that it was a remake of the popular song by 90s female group, Ec...