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Tue, March 21, 2023 | 22:34
Bangudae Petroglyphs in modern Korean poems
How many Koreans know of the Bangudae Petroglyphs? How many Koreans know the reservoir constructed for the city water supply put the petroglyphs under water where they could be damaged? How many know the value of petroglyphs that are 6,000 to 7,000 years old? No monetary value can be ascribed to them because the art on the rock panels is among the oldest in human history. Wha...
Choe Chi-won, great Tang and Silla poet
Choe Chi-won (857-unknown) was the famed poet in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907) and Silla Kingdom (B.C. 57-935 A.D.). But unfortunately, our knowledge of his life and works is very limited.
'Confucius Says: A Novel' deals with filial piety
Veronica Li, the author, of “Confucius Says: A Novel,” is the youngest child of a couple who immigrated from Hong Kong to the United States and whose last 10 years were a series of continuous struggles with medical care.
Moon's poems contain global appeal
Moon Chung-hee is one of Korea's well known and recognized poets. While there are many female poets in Korea, her lyrical poems have been challenging traditional vocabularies from a male-dominant Confucian society with her unique boldness and beauty.
Ode to My Father moves US audiences
The original Korean title of the hit film “International Market” was changed to “Ode to My Father” for the Western audiences.
Jang Gye-hyang - Joseon's poetess, first cookbook author and philanthropist
During my most recent trip to Korea, I discovered a great woman of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) in a mountain village named Seokgye in North Gyeongsang Province, which is most famous for being novelist Yi Mun-yol's hometown.
Watching 'Roaring Currents' in America
I could not believe the fact that I saw the movie, Myoungryang, in a major American theater in Virginia. There are now six theaters running the Admiral in the Washington area. There were only two, one in Virginia and another in Maryland one week ago. Unbelievable to attract many Korean-American viewers as well in my town and in the United States!
Tracing origin of Korea, Kentucky
When you type, Korea, Kentucky, in Google, the following three sentences will appear: Korea is an unincorporated community in Menifee County, Kentucky, United States. It lies along Route 1693 east of the city of Frenchburg, the county seat of Menifee County.[1] Its elevation is 1,119 feet (341 m).[2] Their post office closed in February 1982 [3]
Unanswered questions about majestic Stonehenge
When I returned to town from British Isles, many of my friends asked me: Did you see Stonehenge in England? It is the majestic stone edifice 33 meters in diameter. Its tallest monoliths 9 meters high, some crossed with lintels like giant doorway. Dominating Salisbury Plain in brooding isolation, the site has aroused wonder and speculation for many centuries. Why was it built? The monument could be ancient astronomical observatory, because the position of the huge stone slabs indicate the places on the horizon where the sun and moon rise and set about June 21 and December 21. It was comparabl...
My personal journey to Wales
Prince Charles is the nominal royal symbol of Wales. Dylan Thomas is a famous poet from Wales. My knowledge on Wales had been that much before I arrived there. Two nights of Wales cannot expand my knowledge dramatically on Wales, but one of the two nights, I was King of Wales in Cardiff Castle. What am I saying? Crazy, I am. The man who entertained more than 200 tourists visi...