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Sun, September 25, 2022 | 16:42
Counterfeit Viagra traffickers thrive in Jongno
A 50-something woman in gaudy makeup takes an elderly man into a dark alley near Jongmyo Park in central Seoul and gives him some blue pills.
Raft of snack bags on protest trip
It has been a week since allegedly deceptive snack packaging was the subject of a unique protest on the Han River, but you might say the underlying topic remains fresh.
Insect fight videos bug animal rights activists
A furious centipede bites off a spider's leg. The spider slowly dies as those who bet on the centipede cheer.
NK reporters must use fax at Asian Games
North Korean reporters covering the Incheon Asian Games will rely on a rather antiquated piece of technology - the fax machine - to send their stories to Pyongyang. The National Security Law (NSL) bans access to North Korean websites; and for the reporters, this makes it impossible to file their stories via the Internet.
Students on trips home
Some universities are providing bus services for students on their homecoming trips out of Seoul during the Chuseok holiday.
Hahm to lead next generation of classical music
Yale University professor Hahm Shin-ik, 57, conducted an orchestra consist of some 30 international musicians at the inaugural concert of his orchestra Symphony S.O.N.G. (Symphony Orchestra for the Next Generation) at the Seoul Art Center in southern Seoul, last Saturday.
KRNA wins $1 mil. contract from Paraguay
The Korea Rail Network Authority (KRNA) said Monday that it won a ticket to participate in a major project initiated by the government of Paraguay.