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Sun, December 4, 2022 | 20:07
Tour agency adapts to new way of traveling
Travel in the time of COVID-19 isn't on most peoples' minds. But it is for tour operators, who are changing the way they do things to adapt to a new way of traveling.
Seoul's progressive Jewish community Hakehillah
“Many people come to us saying, 'I'm Jewish, but …'” said Anna Toombs-Yun, co-founder of Jewish community organization Hakehillah. “But we think, 'I'm Jewish and …' is much better.”
KBeauty Collective brings cosmetics companies forward
"Beauty is a concept. Beauty is a state of mind. Caring for yourself is not vanity. And we're a bit tired of businesses trying to control the review game and turn it into a marketing mouthpiece,” explained Unity Jackson, one of the founders of the KBeauty Collective that was launched last year.
Murder Mystery events intrigue at Vineworks
Vineworks, a casual wine bar in Sangsu, Seoul, is offering excitement and intrigue with its murder mystery events. Owner Ian Ashworth tells guests to expect “A full-blown, character-driven whodunit,” where participants arrive “ready to carry out objectives that lead to an eventual unveiling of the murderer.”
SpoonMe brings back vegan cuisine after year-long hiatus
Eating healthy isn't just a diet - it's a lifestyle that SpoonMe's founder Karen Sylvana wants to provide to everyone through satisfying fresh meals.