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Tue, December 5, 2023 | 17:26
A question for Koreans
December marks the seventh anniversary of Kim Jong-un taking power in the DPRK. While the first six years saw a series of moves designed to secure his own personal political authority as well as the nation's wider geopolitical position, 2018 has seen a dramatic change in his image.
Let's talk about sex, maybe?
Well, obviously nothing too forward. I am British after all. We generally become frightfully embarrassed whenever such topics are raised and resort to tugging at our sleeves, muttering something about the weather, or adjusting our shirt collar.
White men can't jump?
I have a confession to make. I often spend time on the internet, procrastinating horribly while scrolling through Twitter or Facebook when I should be reading books or writing articles. I'm terribly lazy sometimes because of it.
K-pop sucks
Get ready: Old man yells at cloud rant incoming. There are only two types of music: good music and bad music. So, there are of course some good Korean pop songs. I rather enjoyed Hannah's “Luxury” and Orange Caramel's “Lipstick.” Ultimately, however, there seems to be a lot of rubbish.
Korean marijuana
A cascade of legalization swept over Canada during the week. Starting in Newfoundland, the farthest east time zone, marijuana was legalized across the country at hourly increments as the green plant went west and multiplied.
A North Korean sacrifice?
Edmund Burke once observed that society is not to be made merely for the convenience of the living. Rather, it is a sacred pact between the dead, the living, and those not yet born. In our world of power and instant gratification, it would seem that we sometimes lack a little historical understanding while also failing to contemplate those who will come after us.
Grievance studies: Korea
Professor Mark Peterson has recently been taking Korean history, its historians and the process in which it is taught to task. His articles here in The Korea Times, as well as his lectures and wider work, speak of a discipline that favors oft-repeated misnomers and vague ideas over any actual exploration and academic rigor designed to ascertain the true facts of the past.
A collective conscious of clicks
Whether the current South Korean society is judged positively or negatively will largely depend on the approach one takes. Few, if any, can zoom out to such an extent that they are able to obtain that heavenly eyed view that reveals the entirety of a nation and all those that reside in it.
Korea 2032: Back to the future
Earlier in the week, President Moon gave a speech to 150,000 people at the start of the Mass Games in North Korea. He also posed for pictures in front of the Taedong River, smiling as the Juche Tower stood in the background. More symbolically, he then journeyed in a private jet to Mount Baekdu - a location considered sacred to those infused with revolutionary and mythological...
Nietzschean North Korea
North Korea has made a massive transformation over the past 18 months. Its leader Kim Jong-un has rather adeptly gone from being a parricidal chain-smoking dictator to an all-smiling man of charisma, charm and cuddles - a man willing to engage in diplomacy with other world leaders.