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Sun, February 25, 2024 | 01:16
China to acknowledge N. Korea as nuclear state
China is likely to acknowledge North Korea as a de facto nuclear power as the recalcitrant regime now seems to have completed the final stages of developing its own nuclear weapons with its “advanced” test Tuesday, analysts said Wednesday.
China to support UN action
China will join the United Nations to punish North Korea for conducting a third nuclear test, even if doing so damages the Beijing-Pyongyang relationship in the short term, China’s leading experts on the North said Tuesday.
'China unlikely to succeed in dissuading Pyongyang from nuke test'
While the Chinese government has reportedly been engaged in painstaking efforts to persuade North Korea to forgo its planned nuclear test, most analysts say such efforts will fall eventually upon deaf ears.
'Park should get to know Xi personally'
Korea and China, despite their different political systems, can co-exist peacefully and it would be very helpful if incoming President Park Geun-hye, who speaks Chinese, gets to know the country’s new leader Xi Jinping personally, said Linda Jakobson, an internationally well-known expert on China’s foreign and security policy.
'Park's challenge comes from inside'
The incoming President Park Geun-hye’s most daunting foreign-policy challenge is “domestic” because it has to be first domestically strong enough to confidentially handle its foreign affairs, according to an eminent U.S. security expert on Asia.
Xi's image as 'reformer' under dispute
BEIJING ? The well-observed vociferous clamoring for press freedom in China, ignited by protests at the country’s most prominent weekly newspaper Southern Weekend, was a vignette shot of how new leader Xi Jinping is seen by both reformists and conservative factions, thinking that he belongs to them.