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Thu, November 30, 2023 | 11:00
[RAS Korea] Social Distancing? RAS Korea is 'Zooming' along!
RAS Korea has had to suspend normal operations only two times before. The first was in 1940 as World War II began to affect the Pacific area, and the Japanese occupiers began to expel all foreign residents from Allied countries. RAS Korea was finally able to resume in 1948 but was forced to suspend activities just two years later when the Korean War broke out. It restarted in...
Reading Korean history, culture in early magazines
As we in Korea are hunkering down during the current health crisis, the Royal Asiatic Society-Korea Branch (RASKB) has made available an electronic version of The Korea Magazine (1917-19) for your reading enjoyment.
RASKB's Pyeongtaek Gold Rush
Gold rushes in California and Alaska are well-known in history. But Korea had its own gold rush that began in the final years of the Joseon era, through the Korean Empire and into the Japanese occupation. Many people, and often their families, came to Korea to dig the precious metal out of the hillsides and mountains. One miner later became president of the United States!
Studying Jeju Island's endangered language
Long relegated to the category of an “unintelligible Korean dialect” by the Korean government, UNESCO designated Jejuan, known in Korean as Jejueo, as an endangered language in 2010. Jejuan has fewer than 10,000 native speakers but is only fluently spoken by an ever-shrinking group of people aged 75 and older. The younger generations are not fluent and do not use the complete...