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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 19:20
Did you know that (49) Show me the money
It was reported in December 1906 that a gang of “clever Japanese thieves” had made their way to Seoul. These were not your ordinary thieves. While they may have packed knives and guns they did not use them to extort money ― instead they used hypnotism! It isn’t clear how successful ― if at all ― they were but some high Japanese officials felt it prudent to warn their Korean...
Did you know that ....(43) Chinese ginseng smugglers
One of Korea’s most valuable trade products during the late Joseon era was ginseng. “Hongsam” (red ginseng) was especially valued by the Chinese. Hongsam was considered the personal property of the Korean monarch, and unauthorized possession by Koreans was punished with summary execution. “But in spite of the death penalty for its private disposal large quantities are smug...