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Mon, December 5, 2022 | 03:42
International scholars discuss East Sea
Scholars around the world are attending an international seminar on sea names to discuss the legitimacy of calling Korea’s territorial waters the East Sea.
Korea's advanced audit system going overseas
The nation’s state auditor has embarked on its first drive to export its advanced audit skills and technical knowhow with a training program in Vietnam.
IT audit helps raise tax resources
The government was able to secure an additional 1 trillion won of tax resources last year after the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea (BAI) conducted an Information Technology (IT) audit and found that several companies and individuals had evaded paying taxes.
Lawmaker urges HIV test for soldiers
The number of soldiers that have become infected with HIV has been rapidly increasing in recent years, but military authorities have not taken proper measures, an opposition party lawmaker asserted Saturday.
Forum to focus on ASEAN connectivity
ASEAN Connectivity will be the key theme in next week’s business forum held by the ASEAN-Korea Centre headquartered in Seoul.
US organization seeks to counter NK's deforestation
A U.S.-based non-profit organization says it plans to hold a forum in North Korea to discuss ways to restore the country’s devastated forests, Voice of America (VOA) reported Thursday.
Lawmaker urges adoption of 'East Sea of Korea'
A ruling Saenuri Party lawmaker called for the changing of the official Korean name “East Sea” to “East Sea of Korea,” Tuesday, citing the need to raise international awareness of the body of water commonly referred to as the Sea of Japan.
Guro tech complex helps rev up economy
Given its status today as a high-tech Mecca, it’s hard to imagine that Guro District once housed the nation’s first industrial belt and was filled with factories staffed by overworked women.
Casual prepper's account for half-day in Mt. Bukhan
The ongoing threats from North Korea and the recent spate of large-scale accidents are fueling the number of so-called preppers or people who actively prepare for catastrophic accidents and natural calamities.
CeBIT sets 'D!conomy' as key theme
D!conomy will be the key theme in next year's CeBIT trade fair in the German city of Hannover, the show organizer said.