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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Tue, September 28, 2021 | 22:29
Vaccinations to pick up pace next month
Korea's nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program is expected to pick up pace in October, as the government plans to expand inoculations to people who have yet to receive a single dose.
Korea aims to fully vaccinate 80% of adults by end of October
Korea aims to fully vaccinate 80 percent of its adult population and 90 percent of the elderly aged 60 and over by the end of October, in preparation for a gradual shift to a “live with COVID-19” scenario. The COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force unveiled its inoculation plan for the fourth quarter, Monday, which includes children aged between 12 and 17, along with pregnant women.
Owners of unregistered dogs to face fines from October
Starting in October, owners who have not registered their pet dogs will face a fine of up to 600,000 won ($510).
Explosive rise in infections disrupts Korea's path to 'live with COVID-19' strategy
An explosive rise in coronavirus cases following the Chuseok holiday is causing disruptions to the government's plan to adopt a “live with COVID-19” strategy from late next month. The administration previously said that it was drawing up a plan to implement such a strategy, under which antivirus restrictions would be gradually eased, from the end of October when 70 percent of...
Media self-reform
Representatives of seven media-related organizations pose during a press conference at the Korea Press Foundation in central Seoul, Thursday. The organizations have agreed to establish a self-regulatory body, as an alternative to the proposed revision to the Act on Press Arbitration, which enables punitive damages against media outlets that produce “fake news.” Th...
Return of Korean War remains
President Moon Jae-in and first lady Kim Jung-sook attend a joint repatriation ceremony with the United States, held at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii, Wednesday (local time). Korea received the remains of 68 Korean soldiers killed during the 1950-53 Korean War, while handing over the remains of five American service members to representatives of their country. Yonhap
Conflict deepening between Seoul gov't, LGBT festival organizers
A conflict is deepening between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and organizers of the annual Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF), following the city government's recent decision to reject the latter's application to be registered as a non-profit organization. The Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF) Organizing Committee, consisting of members of the LGBTQ community and their...
'Body profile' trend may cause serious side effects
Flexing muscles for photo shoots was once reserved for celebrities and professional athletes. But recently, an increasing number of young, ordinary Koreans having their toned, muscular bodies professionally photographed after months of working out in a challenge called shooting one's “body profile.” Social media channels are flooding with posts including body profile photos.
Human rights organizations call for 'prudent review' of 'fake news' bill
Human rights watchdogs in Korea and abroad have expressed concerns over the controversial “fake news” bill, saying that it could limit the voice of the media and freedom of expression.
Will use of leftover vaccines for second shot help curb ever-growing cases?
The government has decided to allow the use of leftover COVID-19 vaccines for second shots, in a bid to speed up its vaccination drive amid the unrelenting increases in coronavirus infections nationwide. Leftover vaccines refer to spare doses that have become available after someone canceled or did not show up for their appointment. Eligible recipients can book the slot for a...
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