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Tue, August 16, 2022 | 00:43
Hot pink: fashion's latest hue
Tired of the classic red? The good news is that an alternative hue has emerged: hot pink. As if to mock the cold, the color brings a more flirty and playful feel, especially around the year-end party season.
Staggering ‘La Boheme’ tickets sold at discount
Dogged by a slack reception from local opera fans here for charging such high prices for tickets, organizers of “La Boheme” partially offered a special discount.
Sweet home-coming
Korean ballerina Park Se-eun has temporarily returned to her home country to grace the stage at the 2012 Seoul International Ballet Festival, which began on Thursday.
Paris Hilton to appear in Korean music video
Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton is to appear in a music video of Korean singer Kim Jang-hoon.
Living history of Korean abstract art
“Why would I worry about getting old? I haven’t thought about my age for a long time because everyone dies eventually.”
Exhibition reflects beauty of Islamic art
A collection of exquisite ornaments created by a British designer is set to capture the hearts and eyes of Korea.
Photo exhibition shows sorrow of comfort women
Tears started to run down faces as the photographs were finally unveiled in Seoul last week.
Real-life stories in children's books
Colorful illustrations in the doorway welcome anyone who is ready to explore the world of thought-provoking illustrations.
From 'Gangnam' to US, video goes viral
Korean pop singer PSY’s new song “Gangnam Style” is capturing the world’s attention with its wacky music video.
Bringing world's finest dancers
Ballet lovers are invited to enjoy the best performances in a biennial dance festival in Korea.