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Thu, June 8, 2023 | 15:19
[INTERVIEW] Visionary CEO builds exemplary company
All happy families are alike: each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. To paraphrase the legendary Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, all happy companies are alike. They are profitable, grow and share their fruits with their employees through high wages and generous benefits. Gyeongnam Steel would be the perfect example of the good company. Since its beginning in 1990, the s...
KAIST professor refutes Elon Musk over 'AI-initiated war'
Daejeon - The creator of Korea’s famous android Hubo negated controversial remarks by Elon Musk who stated that artificial intelligence (AI) could start a Third World War. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla has contended that AI can pose a great existential threat to humanity and the world should be prepared for this. “No matter how advanced AI is, it cannot start a war because ...
Rep. Lee to lead Korea Britain Society
Rep. Lee Hye-hoon of the Bareun Party will lead the Korea Britain Society (KBS) for the next three years, succeeding Park Jin, a former three-term lawmaker and chairman of the Korean-American Association, the KBS said Monday. The KBS, which was established in the early 1950s to promote understanding and friendship between Korea and the United Kingdom, held an annual general meeting last week to appoint its new head. “It is a great honor and pleasure for me to build this meaningful relationship with the KBS,” the 52-year-old three-term lawmaker said.
Stock prices of Korean life insurers
The price-to-book ratio (PBR) is one of basic things that economic writers should learn soon after entering the high-minded but low-paying business of journalism. It refers to a financial ratio, which compares a company’s present market price to its book value. A corporation’s PBR is its market capitalization divided by its book value from the balance sheet. The ratio shows what a company would be worth if it is closed and liquidated right away. If its PBR is exactly 1, that means its stocks are traded to the cash that can be recouped when its inventory and properties are sold off and its de...
Rev. Cho devotes life to unification
Throughout his life, Rev. Cho Bong-hee has shown great interest in helping marginalized people around the world. In particular, he has cared much about poor people in North Korea. Rev. Cho, who has visited North Korea six times, has a strong belief that the two Koreas should unify as soon as possible so impoverished Northern neighbors can get help. “Rather than economic consi...
Hyundai Motor to build tallest building in Korea
Hyundai Motor’s new office in southern Seoul will become the country’s tallest structure as the automaker is set to raise its height to 569 meters, up by 16 meters from the original plan. The change was reflected in the company’s report to the Seoul Metropolitan City for a review of the skyscraper’s effects on the environment, disclosed Wednesday. To be dethroned is the 123-s...
Alipay to set up Korean joint venture
Alipay, China’s largest online payment service provider, is expected to set up a joint venture here in the near future in line with its founder’s remarks as the outfit recruited employees here last year, observers said Tuesday.
Hyosung carries out leadership transfer
Hyosung Group said Thursday that Chairman Cho Suck-rae will retire, citing his old age and poor health, and his eldest son Cho Hyun-joon will take over its leadership.
Oppo, Vivo come to fore in smartphone market
China’s Oppo and Vivo have made a splash in the global smartphone market this year, which was previously under a duopoly of Korea’s Samsung Electronics and Apple of the United States, observers pointed out Wednesday.
Artificial intelligence: tech buzzword of 2016
As far as technology is concerned, this year was all about artificial intelligence (AI) rather than its competitors including the internet of things (IoT), robotics and autonomous vehicles.
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