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Wed, June 7, 2023 | 20:33
Some netizens point out no reference to welfare
Many netizens criticized President Park Geun-hye for failing to deal with the much-touted welfare issues during her press conference Monday.
Apocalyptic sign of '3 suns' detected over Korean sky
A rare natural occurrence showing a hallucinated sight of three suns simultaneously appeared on Korean skies, sources reported, Friday.
NK leader's wife defies badge commemorating father-in-laws
North Korean public has been showing keen interest on the state’s first lady Ri Sol-ju not wearing the commemorative badge for the deceased state leaders in recent public appearances, sources reported Saturday.
Online 'breast milk soap' ineffective, even harmful
“Breast milk soap,” available online in Korea and especially raved by the Chinese public, is in fact ineffective and could be infectious of diseases, sources said, Wednesday.
Model Delevingne and 'sex freak' Cyrus pictured together
A photograph of last year’s popular fashion model Cara Delevingne and “sex freak” Miley Cyrus about to go skinny-dipping together has been posted online, media sources reported Wednesday.
Putin sends 'matryoshka' dolls to Pres. Park
Russian President Vladimir Putin sent President Park Geun-hye “matryoshka” dolls that he promised her, Cheong Wa Dae said through Park’s official Facebook.
'TV watching can help exercise'
Watching a relay of television show episodes helps boost willpower to do more exercises, domestic news reported Tuesday.
NK promotes 'brotherhood' over bloody usurpation
North Korean journalism is promoting the term “brotherhood” as a strategic measure to assuage the shaken public and military personnel under the leader’s despotism, domestic news reported.
'Terminator'-like muscle developed
American engineers have developed a new micro-muscle fiber similar in its function to that of a “terminator” from the popular Hollywood movies.
Chinese Pres. in dumpling queue surprises Beijing public
China’s president Xi jinping surprised Beijing’s local restaurant by posing as an ordinary customer waiting in queue to order the eatery’s menus.
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