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Tue, December 6, 2022 | 00:50
Spyware for teenagers
Lawmakers and the Korean Communications Commission have made the installation of a data-tracking application on the phones of those under 18 mandatory.
Con artists use Starbucks app: CNN
While Starbucks Korea has gained momentum through its huge expansion, the coffee giant is facing a less than frothy outlook with its mobile payments system.
Our New iPhone App Launched!
You can download our new free iPhone application today!
Skype for potential rebrand
Microsoft may have to rebrand its Skype video chat program after a European court ruled that the name is too similar to that of British broadcaster Sky.
Do you care for kale Big Mac?
American fast-food chain McDonald’s is testing the “superfood” kale in some of its products in the U.S. as it moves to change its junk-food image. Kale is one of the best-known healthy vegetables.
EU takes on American Tech firms
The European Union has unveiled a plan to take on big U.S. technology companies like Google and Facebook.
Japan plans 'crying rooms' for women
Japan will introduce hotel rooms for women “to cry the stress away.”
North Korean Returnees
Most Koreans want unification between the two Koreas to happen sooner rather than later.
Paid Android Games could lead in 2018
The Android platform is expected to surge past iOS in revenue in coming years, thanks to growing disposable income in China and its developing domestic market for technology.
All hail Facebook
Facebook is set to become the home for third party content this May, as it looks to become a non-stop shop for users wanting to get the latest news without having to download other apps or browse other websites.