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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 20:48
Kim Yul-hee blends pansori, reggae
Many music scholars consider folk music universal across all cultures. This may help explain why pansori, a traditional Korean narrative musical genre, blends so well with reggae, a Jamaica-originated musical genre drawing on its own local traditions.
Cambodia accuses US journalist of espionage, overthrowing Park Geun-hye
Geoffrey Cain got the surprise of his life when the country of Cambodia ousted him as an American spy. “I'm not a spy,” Cain told The Korea Times. “I'm a journalist. Dictators often fail to draw a line between the two. The allegations are a serious matter for everyone being accused. I'm past joking about it.” Around Aug. 24, an article appeared on Fresh News Asia, which Cain ...
[INTERVIEW] 'Jesus' speaks on gay pride, Christian protesters
An ironic image ended up embodying this year's Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF). Standing in front of a line of Christian protesters bearing a banner reading "Homosexuality is sin! Return to Jesus!" is a bearded white male in robes, clearly dressed as “Jesus,” holding a rainbow-colored sign reading "I'm cool with it." The image went viral, making the front page of Reddit T...