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Sat, September 30, 2023 | 19:06
Is it copyright Infringement if you introduce a movie on YouTube?
'Boramtube', which has 17 million subscribers on YouTube, is a hot topic these days. The six-year-old creator's advertising revenue is comparable to MBC, one of the top three Korean broadcast networks. The development of broadband internet and cheap video camera enabled anyone to produce their own show for broadcast, and the emergence of customized and interactive personal me...
Part 52: The big C
In March 2012, while working at the Dragon Hill Lodge's Discover Seoul Desk I took a bathroom break. It required much more effort and strain to relieve myself than normal. Having heard that a reduced stream could be caused by a prostate problem, I resolved to see a urologist as quickly as possible.
Part 51: Too many bosses spoil the tourism business
If it was difficult working for three companies at once, it was downright confusing and stressful to have three direct bosses every day, often singing from different hymn sheets, and sometimes working at odds with each other. It could have been worse, I suppose. Thankfully Mr. Paek, the boss of Seobu Rental Cars rarely came to Dragon Hill Lodge, and Amanda, the on-site duty m...
'Crunch mode' for overtime in games industry
Since Moon Jae-in was elected President in 2017, the ruling Democratic Party of Korea and the Ministry of Employment and Labor have enacted and amended many labor laws. Accordingly, a lot of labor issues have arisen in various industries, and their biggest impact was felt by the computer game industry.
My life at a Korean law firm (part 50)
Recently, while going through old papers at home, I came across a document that I received at the beginning of my stint at the Dragon Hill Lodge Hotel. I had not looked at it for at least six years. It was a three-page list in Korean of all the things that I was responsible for at the Discover Seoul Desk. That there were three pages is a reminder that I effectively had three ...
Lady Gaga grief
In April 2012 Lady Gaga came to town for one concert only at Seoul Olympic Stadium. We at the Discover Seoul Desk were tasked with selling tickets to any USFK person who wanted to go. My immediate boss, a retired US Army sergeant major I'll call Cortez, was convinced that this would make our firm a lot of money. It also gave my team and myself a whole lot of headaches. In the...
Steps for better bicycle-sharing services
As in other countries, bicycle-sharing services in Korea have also become big business. Seoul Metropolitan Government officially began its own service named “Ddareungi (따릉이)” or “Seoul's bike” in 2015, and several companies now also provide similar services.
My life at a Korean law firm (part 48)
At the Discover Seoul Desk, our main job was marketing and selling tours. The tour company for which I worked was the Korean tour company that happened to win the bid for exclusive rights to run tours for the hotel on the base.
Flexible devices and the problem of battery safety
The CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual technology gift for tech lovers all around the world. One of the most notable devices at the 2019 CES was LG's rollable OLED TV.
My life at a Korean law firm (part 47)
Upon returning from my weeklong trip to North Korea in late August 2010, I set about trying to make a living for myself as a freelancer. I worked in three main areas: writing and editing, training and teaching, and radio and voice recording. The variety of work that I was doing and the people it brought me into contact with made it fun and interesting. I've always liked varie...