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Thu, September 28, 2023 | 08:01
Dating apps going after men's pockets
Is sex appeal only a man's job? Though it sounds outdated, it still is so at least in dating applications that are popular among young people these days. Dating apps have become a huge trend in Korea, with more than 170 targeting consumers. The value of the market is estimated to reach 50 billion won ($46 million) with 3.3 million users.
Korea's economy to deal with 'gray rhino'
Calls are growing that Korea should prepare itself against a drop in its potential economic growth rate, with a warning that a “gray rhino” could be haunting Asia’s No. 4 economy. Lee Keun, the director of the Center for Economic Catch-up, said Monday Korea is facing a slowing potential growth rate due to such problems as the country’s household debt. He added these are “gray rhinos which can deprive the economy of its long- and mid-term growth momentum.”
On song: K-pop band TWICE tops Japan's Oricon chart
Popular K-pop girl band TWICE conquered Japan’s Oricon chart with its first single album “One More Time.”
'Hungry' homeless man arrested for robbing retailers
A “hungry” homeless man has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from retailers’ cash registers.
Whatever happened to hangul?
Hangul Day on Monday was a festive finish to the Chuseok holiday season that continued for almost 10 days. Korea’s biggest internet portal Naver decorated its homepage with Korean logo art. Jeju Airline made an in-flight announcement in pure Korean free of foreign words, with the National Institute of Korean Language providing the script. The focus on Korean, including a word...
Kim Soo-Hyun's enlistment to hit Keyeast revenue
Hallyu star Kim Soo-hyun’s military service is expected to have a significant impact on revenue at his agency Keyeast. Kim is scheduled to begin his military service on Oct. 23. “During the period, there will be no show business for Kim, and we expect a significant fall in service revenue,” the company said in a statement.
Otto Warmbier's parents accuse N. Korea of torturing son [VIDEO]
The parents of Otto Warmbier, the U.S. student North Korea detained and who died soon after returning home in June, have described the horrific details of his condition. Fred and Cindy Warmbier disclosed to Fox News on Tuesday what the communist state did to their son and criticized the country for claiming to be a “victim” of the United States’ push for war. Fred described N...
Korean star tells of attack in Belgium
Joon Park, 48, a Korean-American singer has revealed how he and other Koreans were victims of an ugly racist/theft incident in Belgium.