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Thu, May 26, 2022 | 06:39
Webtoon 'Navillera' nominated for renowned Eisner Award
The Korean webtoon, “Navillera: Like a Butterfly,” which tells the heartwarming story of a 70-year-old retiree who pursues his dream of becoming a ballet dancer, was nominated for this year's prestigious Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. The Eisner Awards, presented at the annual San Diego Comic-Con International in July, are referred to as the “Oscars” of the comic book ind...
Tim Burton's iconic world of misunderstood misfits returns to Korea
Tim Burton, the Hollywood mastermind behind films “Beetlejuice,” “Edward Scissorhands” and “Sweeney Todd,” has returned to Seoul with his world of inventive eccentricity and misunderstood yet endearing misfits. “The World of Tim Burton,” held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul as part of its world tour, is the filmmaker's second retrospective showcased in K...
[INTERVIEW] How brewery waste turned into pizza dough, energy bars at RE:harvest
Wheaty scones, juicy slices of pizza and nachos grande garnished with fresh guacamole sound perfect for a spring picnic. But in the eyes of food upcycling startup RE:harvest, these dishes become the playground for the company's signature flour - made from the tons of grain discarded every day by breweries nationwide. Brewing drinks like beer and “sikhye” (Korean sweet rice pu...
2 artists of Korean descent question hegemonic frameworks of race, gender
Contemporary viewers have been bearing witness to the art world's trend in recent years of questioning, critiquing and dismantling hegemonic cultural frameworks ― Western-centric, patriarchal and heteronormative ― in efforts to bring “peripheral” narratives into the spotlight.
Kim So-yeon's poems win best translation award in Japan
The translator of Korean poet Kim So-yeon's work has become the recipient of this year's best translation award in Japan, the selection committee announced on May 17. Two literary pieces have been named the winner of this year's prize: Kim's “One-letter Dictionary,” translated by Kang Shin-ja, and “A Hora da Estrela (The Hour of the Star),” written by Ukrainian-born Brazilian...
Sales of translated Korean literature increase in domestic market
From genre-defying short story collections to picture books with vibrant visuals, a string of translated Korean literary works have continued to gain international recognition, as they have been nominated for or named winners of coveted prizes in recent years. In Korea, sales of such translated works that are being honored on the global stage are increasing as well, according...
[INTERVIEW] Cultural asset restorer who brought 'hanji' into heart of Louvre
The ninth-century Quran manuscript and 18th-century pastel portraits of the Bourbon family, Europe's powerful dynasty that ruled France, Spain, parts of Italy and Luxembourg - what do these seemingly disparate cultural artifacts have in common? They are invaluable relics from the collection of France's Louvre Museum, which were all restored through traditional Korean paper ca...
Antony Gormley, Chun Kyung-ja to be highlighted at this month's auction
A major art sale hosted by K Auction at the end of this month will bring in masterpieces of Korean female modernists and international titans, including Chun Kyung-ja and Antony Gormley, the auction house said Friday. The auction, scheduled to be held at K Auction's Gangnam headquarters in southern Seoul on May 25, will feature a total of 115 works of art.
Eva Armisen's newest retrospective continues to celebrate 'trivia' of everyday life
Spanish artist Eva Armisen has made another triumphant return to Korea, the country that has described her as an “artist who paints happiness,” for a brand-new retrospective. Her works, as always, show that it is not dramatic spectacle, but rather the emotional “trivia” of everyday life that give people a renewed sense of hope and healing.
Plunging into Joan Miro's constellation of women, birds, stars, suns and moons
A painter who declared an “assassination of painting,” an absolute denial of the established aesthetics celebrated among the bourgeoisie of the 1930s - that was who Joan Miro (1893-1983) was. Miro's dislike of bourgeois art was manifested in his lifelong attempts to plunge into spontaneous experimentation without limits, which came to hold a strong influence and paved new roa...
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