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Sat, December 2, 2023 | 21:34
CNN confuses Gay Pride flag with ISIS flag
CNN has mistaken a black and white flag decorated with symbols of sex toys for an ISIS flag during London's Gay Pride parade.
Prisoners drowned, blown up in shocking ISIS video
The latest gruesome ISIS video shows accused spies being drowned or blown up.
Testicle-eating fish caught in U.S. lake
A rare Amazonian fish known for eating the testicles of swimmers and fishermen has been caught in a New Jersey lake.
Gmail makes "Undo Send" standard feature
Google has made its “Undo Send” feature for all Gmail web accounts official, allowing users to cancel emails within 30 seconds of sending them.
"Abortion drone" heads to Poland
An "Abortion drone" will fly to Poland on Saturday to deliver 5 kilograms of pregnancy-terminating pills.
IS hangs boys for not fasting in holy month: report
The Islamic State militants have hanged two boys for not fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, according to a report.
University allows male students to wear skirts
A University of Cambridge college has overturned a centuries-old strict dress code.
Taylor Swift sinks teeth into Apple Music
Pop-star Taylor Swift has criticized against Apple Music's three-month trial offer, because artists will not get paid for their music.
Woman pays to free dogs from Chinese meat festival
A Chinese woman has paid more than $1000 to free 100 dogs from being eaten at the annual Yulin meat festival.
Moonshine kills 90 in Mumbai
The death toll from India's latest mass alcohol poisoning continues to rise.