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Thu, November 30, 2023 | 14:25
Seniors on board to be school bus safety officers
Gyeonggi Province is leading a project to train people over 60 as school bus safety officers.
[Lunar New Year] Snow, rain, expected during holidays
Nationwide rain and snow are part of the forecast for the Lunar New Year holidays -- from tomorrow until Monday -- according to the state weather agency.
[Lunar New Year] Seoul transit service hours extended for holiday
Seoul’s public transportation services will extend their hours to meet demand during the Lunar New Year holidays.
Actor Lee Dong-wook prepares for Asian tour
Korean actor Lee Dong-wook will tour Asia, according to his agency, King Kong Entertainment, on Wednesday.
New smartcard offers foreign visitors many benefits
A new “smartcard,” exclusively for foreign tourists, was released Monday, allowing them to use public transport more conveniently and offering various discounts.
Mercury to plunge to minus 12 degrees Celsius in Seoul
The fierce cold snap that gripped the nation over the weekend will continue on Tuesday, sending the mercury below minus 12 degrees Celsius in Seoul and surrounding areas.
Seo In-young agency apologizes for 'cussing'
Singer Seo In-young’s agency Star Empire has apologized for a “cussing” controversy surrounding her.
Japan wants Dokdo removed from 2018 Winter Olympics website
Japan has called on the Korean government to remove Dokdo Island from a map on the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics website, fueling the sovereignty dispute over Korea’s easternmost island.
French university to run class on Korean independence
A renowned French university will launch a regular class on Korea’s 1910-45 independence movement against Japanese colonization, the Independence Hall of Korea (IHK) said Thursday.
Should politicians leave arena at 65?
A “young” opposition lawmaker has stirred a political dispute over the “retirement age” of elected officials, including the President and lawmakers, in what appears to be a move against the rise of senior politicians in the lead-up to the presidential race.